Who killed Venomania?

Who killed Venomania?

Karchess Crim
Karchess Crim: Venomania’s murderer.

What is Venomania?

Conceptualization and Origin. The name Venomania is a combination of the words “venom” and “nymphomania”, the latter word being defined as a woman’s uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire; the family’s most prominent member, Sateriasis Venomania, forged a contract with the Demon of Lust.

What is the Evillious chronicles about?

The Evillious Chronicles is a storyline with tragic twists, and plays with your emotions. It follows the creation of original sin, and its purification, as well as the utopia promised. There are epic battles, extreme suffering, and revenge.

What is the tailor of Enbizaka about?

The song with the theme of “Envy” the Seven Deadly Sins Series, it tells the story of Sudou Kayo: a proprietress running a tailor shop in Enbizaka. Happening to see her “beloved” in a happy relationship with an unknown woman, the sad sight of Kayo shedding tears and devoting herself to her work is portrayed.

What is the name of Nemesis Sudou’s only friend?

Kayo Sudou
Nemesis and her only friend Nemesis was conceived from an adulterous, incestuous affair between Gallerian Marlon and Ma under the alias “Kayo Sudou”, with Kayo using the baby as a receptacle for Levia’s soul. After Nemesis was born in EC 964, Ma left the baby for dead in the Millennium Tree Forest.

What sin is daughter of evil?

The Seven Deadly Sins series: Pride: The Daughter of Evil (Official English title: “The Princess of Lucifer”) Sloth: Gift of the Princess who Brought Sleep (Official English title: “Belphegor’s Gift”)

Who created the Evillious Chronicles?

Suzunosuke, [note 1] also known as Sagula, is an illustrator for the Evillious Chronicles. Collaborating with Akuno-P early on in his career, she has contributed several times to the series, providing illustrations for both song PVs and novel covers.

Who is Ma Evillious Chronicles?

Known as the “Sorceress of Time”, Ma was a powerful mage with strong magic, possessing the magical power of two powerful mages and a god.

How many songs are in Evillious Chronicles?

Songs. The Servant of Evil, mothy’s first major success Currently, there are over 50 songs connected to the Chronicles, seven of which have reached over a million views on their original Nico Nico Douga uploads.

Is the daughter of evil a true story?

The Daughter of Evil series is set on Bolganio, a fictional continent in the series’ world, with all of its major actions taking place in its western region, Evillious. The main storyline occurs throughout EC 499-505, although numerous events before and after are depicted or referenced in subsequent material.

Is the Evillious Chronicles still going?

The Evillious Chronicles series is a massive multimedia franchise by Akuno-P! (Daughter of Evil, Duke of Venomania etc.) It’s currently ongoing and at present, consists of 50 canon songs, and is expanded upon in various manga and light novels.