Who is the second daughter of Kamal Haasan?

Who is the second daughter of Kamal Haasan?

Akshara Haasan
The daughter of actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur, and the younger sister of Shruti Haasan, she made her film debut with the comedy drama Shamitabh (2015), and later appeared in Kadaram Kondan (2017)….

Akshara Haasan
Years active 2010; 2015–present
Parent(s) Kamal Haasan Sarika Thakur

Who is Kamal Haasan daughter?

Shruti Haasan
Akshara Haasan
Kamal Haasan/Daughters

How many Kamal are there in Dasavatharam?

Ravikumar. It stars Kamal Haasan, who also wrote the screenplay and story of the film, in ten distinct roles. Asin appears in two roles and Mallika Sherawat plays a subsidiary role….

Theatrical release poster
Directed by K. S. Ravikumar
Written by Kamal Haasan
Produced by V. Ravichandran

Is Thevar Magan a remake?

The film won five National Film Awards, including Best Tamil Film, Best Supporting Actress for Revathi, and a Special Jury Award for Sivaji Ganesan, which he declined. It was later remade in Hindi as Virasat (1997) and in Kannada as Thandege Thakka Maga (2006).

Who is the mother of Akshara Haasan?

SarikaAkshara Haasan / Mother

Is Kamal Haasan married?

Sarikam. 1998–2004
Vani Ganapathym. 1978–1988
Kamal Haasan/Spouse

Is Dasavatharam real story?

It is also said that Rangarajan Nambis story was inspired by a true story. Its hard to find any concreate sources for this story. The song which comes after Kings order has beautiful lyrics.

How many characters are there in Dasavatharam?

ten different characters
Kamal Haasan plays ten different characters in his film ‘Dasavatharam’

Who directed Devar Magan?

BharathanThevar Magan / Director

Is Kamal Haasan from Karnataka?

Haasan was born into a Tamil Iyengar family in the town of Paramakudi, in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu, to criminal defence lawyer D. Srinivasan and Rajalakshmi, a housewife.