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Who is Papa in the Dew Breaker?

Who is Papa in the Dew Breaker?

Born to landowning peasants in rural Haiti, Papa joins the Volunteers for National Security (Tonton Macouts) as a young man. He is disturbingly skilled at the torture and executions required as part of this job, and he thus earns a fearsome reputation.

Who is Dany in the Dew Breaker?

Dany. Dany is one of the two Haitian immigrant men who live in the basement of the dew breaker’s house in Brooklyn. He recognizes the dew breaker as the man who killed his parents, and at one point Dany wants to kill the dew breaker, but then changes his mind.

Who is Ka mother in dew breaker?

Gabrielle Fonteneau
Gabrielle Fonteneau is a famous Haitian American actress who buys the sculpture Ka made of Papa. After learning that Ka doesn’t have the sculpture, she treats her coldly. Mrs. Fonteneau is Gabrielle’s mother.

How tall is the sculpture Ka made of her father?

Ka is not an artist “in the way [she’d] like to be,” but has created many wooden sculptures of her father. She describes her father as 6’5”, with “thinning salt-and-pepper hair” and a scar across his cheek, which he got during the year he spent in prison in Haiti.

What secret about himself does Ka’s father reveal to her early in the story?

It is not until Ka is born that Papa reveals the truth about himself, although he doesn’t ever tell her the full story. The official version of the preacher’s death is that he killed himself in Casernes by setting himself on fire, “leaving no trace of himself at all.”

Who is the main character in the Book of the Dead by Edwidge Danticat?

The Book of the Dead A Haitian sculptor (Ka) and her father travel from Brooklyn to Florida, to the home of a formerly-jailed and tortured Haitian dissident and his daughter, Gabrielle Fonteneau, a television actress.

What is the importance of Michel naming his son Romaine?

The fact that he plans to call his son Romain is a reminder of the hope produced by new life.

What happens while Annie’s father is missing?

Annie’s dad went missing when while they were at the hotel, he was gone for 8 hours. When he got back he told his daughter her sculptor in the river. That night they went to dinner at Gabrielle Fonteneau’s house and had to tell her that the statue was gone.

Why do Ka’s mother and father have no close friends?

Papa eventually explains that he was actually a perpetrator of violence back in Haiti, not a victim. Ka suddenly realizes that this is why Papa and her mother, Anne, have no friends and never discuss their life back in Haiti.