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Common questions

Who is Mo G on Metro FM?

Who is Mo G on Metro FM?

The Joburg-born DJ wanted to become an astronaut when he was a boy but fate had other ideas. He changed his mind after meeting 5FM’s Tich Mataz, who later became his mentor. He has worked at Highveld Stereo and Radio 2000.

What frequency is Kaya FM?

95.9 MHz FM
Kaya FM

Broadcast area Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Frequency 95.9 MHz FM
Format Urban/Jazz/African Indigenous

Who owns Kaya FM?

Explaining the ownership structure of Kaya FM, Dhlomo wrote, “Thebe is the majority owner. Then after that, Kagiso. Primedia had a stake in Kagiso at some point.”

Who is Mo Flava dating?

Mo Flava is said to be dating Nkosazana of SABC. The two are known to celebrate their love quite publicly as they never shy away from flaunting it.

How old is DJ Mo Flava?

As of 2021, Mo Flava is 36 years old….

Full Name Moeti Tsiki
Date of Birth 2nd of July 1984 (36 years old)
Gender Male
Spouse Nkosazana
Occupation Radio Host, DJ

What language is Kaya FM?

Kaya FM’s principal language of broadcast is English. The Licensee complies with its language (s) of broadcast.

What frequency is Kaya FM in Pretoria?

95.90 MHz
95.90 MHz – Kaya FM. 99.20 MHz – Y-fm.

Who owns YFM?

eMedia Investments also owns South Africa’s only black youth radio station, YFM, and several other media-related businesses including Cape Town Film Studios, Strika Entertainment, Jacana Media, Silverline 360, Sasani Television Studios and Platco Digital (OpenView HD).

Who is Gugulethu Mfuphi?

Gugulethu Mfuphi is a well-versed broadcast journalist, specializing in financial markets, economic data and current affairs issues. She is a regular speaker and moderator for industry analysts, political leaders and C-suite executives from across the African continent.