Who is Jinbesan?

Who is Jinbesan?

The “Jinbesan” name literally means “Mr/Mrs Whale Shark.” Jinbesan lives free and easy at the large ocean. Jinbesan who has a body and soul like a large ocean is a haven of rest for everyone.

What are the Sumikko Gurashi characters?

The main Sumikko characters are Shirokuma, a polar bear who dislikes the cold, Penguin? who is unsure of being a penguin, Tonkatsu, a piece of leftover pork cutlet, Neko, a timid and anxious cat, and Tokage, a dinosaur who pretends to be a lizard.

Is sentimental circus a show?

Sentimental Circus (センチメンタルサーカス) is an extremely popular character series created by the Japanese company San-X in September of 2010.

What is Kutusita nyanko?

Kutusita Nyanko Kutusita Nyanko is a cat that is actually wearing socks.

Who is Jinbee SAN?

Jinbe San is a whale shark with lots of kawaii ocean friends. Decorate your desk with these adorable Jinbe San Assorted Mini Plush, $9 each. More special characters from Japan, Mikan Bouya & Nyan Nya Nyanko!

What is Samezu?

May 01, 2019. Meet Samezu, a group of cute sharks from Japanese artist Moha Arimura. There is Jaggy, a great white shark who loves to eat seals. Tiger, a tiger shark who will eat anything.

Are Penguins Kappa?

Personality. He likes eating cucumbers and has vague memories of having a plate on its head (this implies that he is a kappa). Since he uses sneaky ways to take the corner for itself, the black tapiocas often kick him up and away. He likes to read and listen to music.

Who is Aji Furai no shippo?

Aji Furai No Shippo (あじ ふらい の しっぽ aji furai no shippo) is a minor character in Sumikko Gurashi.

What is Kiiroitori?

Kiiroitori. Kiiroitori (キイロイトリ) is Kaoru’s pet yellow bird introduced in Rilakkuma Seikatsu in 2003. He can leave his cage at any time and takes care of both Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma.

When was Jinbesan created?

Jinbe San is a character from the popular brand San-X, the same brand where the popular Rilakkuma and Tare Panda are from. Jinbe San is a cute whale shark that always flashes a smile. It was in late 2015 during San-X’s brand character election when the character was first introduced.

Where is Jinbesan from?

NEW Jinbesan from Japan!