Who is Gerard Ekdom?

Who is Gerard Ekdom?

From early in life, Gerard Ekdom had the ambition to become a DJ. As a young talent, he was frequently asked as a drive-in jockey since he was fourteen. He started his radio career at local station Radio De Bilt. He has worked for the Stadsomroep Utrecht and NEW Dance Radio. He owes his career in part to DJ Fred Siebelink.

What happened to Ekdom’s Radio show?

In 2015 Ekdom moved to NPO Radio 2; he hosted the breakfast-show Ekdom in de Ochtend and the 00:00 – 02:00 pm-slot in the Saturday-sounight. On April 4, 2018 Ekdom announced his upcoming transfer to Radio 10; he hosted his last show for NPO Radio 2 on June 29. Gerard’s website.

What was the Ekdom house?

From 19 to 24 December 2005, Ekdom teamed up with colleagues Giel Beelen and Wouter van der Goes, to host the 2nd edition of fundraising radio show 3FM Serious Request. For the duration of this show, broadcast 24 hours per day, they lived in a so-called ‘glass house’, without solid food. Radio listeners could request songs in return for a donation.

How did Alex Ekdom start his career?

In 1998, Ekdom started his career at 3FM. A year and a half earlier he had sent a demo tape to then-manager Jan Steeman of the project Pyjama FM by AVRO studios. After a phone call from Steeman he was welcome to AVRO’s night school. During this studies he was occasionally heard on Magic FM and Hot Radio.