Who has appeared in the most EastEnders episodes?

Who has appeared in the most EastEnders episodes?

1. Adam Woodyatt. Coming in at the top is Adam Woodyatt, who plays one of EastEnders’ original characters Ian Beale. He has been in an astounding 3,261 episodes, with Ian Beale being the only remaining original character to have appeared continuously since the first episode on 19 February 1985.

Who is the most famous in EastEnders?

The Definitive Ranking Of The 35 Greatest EastEnders Characters Of All Time

  • Dot Branning. June Brown 1985-93; 1997-
  • Michelle Fowler. Susan Tully 1985-95.
  • Angie Watts. Anita Dobson 1985-88.
  • Phil Mitchell. Steve McFadden 1990-2003; 2005-
  • Kat Slater. Jessie Wallace 2000-05; 2010-16; 2018-
  • Pat Butcher.
  • Janine Butcher.
  • Peggy Mitchell.

How many deaths have there been in EastEnders?

137 deaths
During the life of EastEnders, there have been a total of 137 deaths, ranging from natural causes to murder, disasters, accidents, and suicide.

How many EastEnders episodes are there?

5,180EastEnders / Number of episodes

How many EastEnders episodes is Ian Beale in?

3460 episodes
Adam Woodyatt has played Ian Beale in 3460 episodes of EastEnders from 1985 onwards as well as appearing in the spin-offs, Dimensions in Time in 1993, Last Tango in Walford in 2010, The Walford Apprentice in 2012, and also the Children in Need special The Ghosts of Ian Beale and in the internet episodes of the E20 ( …

How old is Ian Beale in real life?

The 52-year-old debuted in EastEnders’ first-ever episode in 1985 and has since become the soap’s longest-serving cast member.

Who is the best Coronation Street character?

Here Comes Vengeance! – The Loop

Character Year of debut
1 Ken Barlow 1960
2 Gail Rodwell 1974
3 Rita Tanner 1964
4 Sally Metcalfe 1986

Who used to be in EastEnders?

Last appeared in 2020

Character Actor(s) Duration
Lucy Beale Eva Brittin-Snell 1993–2010, 2012–2015, 2019–2020
Caroline Gardner Laura Stevely 2019–2020
Lisa Fowler Lucy Benjamin 1998–2003, 2010, 2017, 2019–2020
Louise Mitchell Tilly Keeper 2001–2003, 2008, 2010, 2016–2020

How many Duff Duffs are there in EastEnders?

Having done the necessary research (by slowing down the theme tune so we can clearly count the beats), we can confirm that there are in fact nine ‘doof doofs’, and anyone who says otherwise should be publicly shamed.

Who was the first baby born on EastEnders?


No. Episode date Child
1 30 July 1985 Martin Fowler
2 27 May 1986 Vicki Fowler
3 24 March 1988 Little Ali Osman
4 26 December 1989 Steven Beale

Will EastEnders ever be 30 minutes again?

Now the soap will resume its 30-minute long episodes from January 2022 with three of the weekly episodes going back to being half an hour long.

How many hours of EastEnders are there?

In total, watching every new episode of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Home and Away and Neighbours requires an incredible 663 hours and 40 minutes a year, enough time to make four round trips to the moon.