Who gave Ajith Thala name?

Who gave Ajith Thala name?

AR Murugadoss’s Dheena made Ajith the ‘mass hero’ that he is, and helped him get the epithet ‘Thala’. His character was fondly called Thala in the film.

Why Ajith Kumar hair is white?

After more than five years, Ajith has coloured his grey hair presumably to play his character in the upcoming film Viswasam, which will be directed by Siva. According to reports, Ajith will be playing a dual role in Viswasam.

What Thala means?

Thala, which means head or leader in Tamil, is what the Chennai Super Kings fans call Dhoni.

Who is Ajith Kumar Manager?

After a one-off race during the Formula Maruti Indian Championships in 2002, where he finished in fourth place, Ajith signed a contract with manager Akbar Ebrahim, confirming his participation in the inaugural Formula BMW Asia championship.

Is Ajith a Malayali?

Ajith Kumar was born on 1 May 1971, in Hyderabad, India. His father P. Subramaniam is a Tamilian from Palakkad, Kerala and his mother Mohini is Sindhi from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Does Ajith have pilot license?

A certified pilot Only his eternal fans would know that Thala Ajith is a trained pilot and is skilled in flying a fighter jet with a license. Ajith was often spotted practicing at the flying club in Chennai.

Who is real Thala?

Ajith Kumar (born 1 May 1971) is an Indian actor who works predominantly in Tamil cinema. To date, he has starred in over 60 films in Tamil….

Ajith Kumar
Born Ajithkumar Subramaniam 1 May 1971 Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India (now Telangana)
Other names Thala Ajith

Who is Thala Dhoni or Ajith?

In Tamil Nadu, two Thalas are popular across the ages – one is reputed actor Ajith and the other is ace cricketer MS Dhoni. Both of these legends have been fondly called Thala by their fans for several years. However, this trend is coming to an end and the person who was behind to end this trend is Ajith himself.

Is Ajith a pilot?

Is Ajith a Sindhi?

Ajith Kumar, who was born in Hyderabad, to a Sindhi and a Palakkad Tamilian, went on to rule Tamil Nadu, ever since he set foot in the industry.

What is Ajith mother tongue?

Subramaniam is a Tamilian from Palakkad, Kerala and his mother Mohini is Sindhi from Kolkata, West Bengal. Ajith was the middle son out of three brothers, the others being Anup Kumar, an investor, and Anil Kumar, an IIT Madras graduate-turned-entrepreneur.

Which actor has pilot license in India?

Did you know, actor Amitabh Bachchan is a professionally trained pilot and learned this skill as he wanted to join Indian Air Force. He even revealed that he can handle emergencies on a flight and will be able to land the flight safely.