Which stem cell bank is best in India?

Which stem cell bank is best in India?

List of Top Stem Cell Banking Companies in India

  • Totipotentrx Cell Therapy Pvt.
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya Tissue Bank & Stem Cells Research Centre.
  • CryoSave (India) Pvt.
  • Stemcyte India Therapeutics Pvt.
  • Indu Stem Cell Bank.
  • Path Care Labs Pvt.
  • Jeevan Stem Cell Foundation.
  • The School of Tropical Medicine.

What cordlife means?

Apart from storing cord blood stem cells, Cordlife is the sole provider of umbilical cord lining storage in Singapore and is also 1 out of 4 family cord blood banks worldwide licensed to store an additional 2 types of stem cells – Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and Epithelial Stem Cells (EpSCs).

What is the cord blood processing technology for cordlife?

Cordlife has adopted AXP®II System, which is a safe, sterile and automated cord blood processing technology – that ensures higher recovery of viable CD34+ stem cells (97.3%) as well as of MNCs (94.5%) which are more reliable parameters for potency[2][3], thus allowing better chance of a successful transplant.

How much does cord blood banking cost in India?

Family Cord Blood Banking in India

Name Laboratory Initial cost
LifeCell LifeCell, Chennai and Gurugram (Dual Site Facility) INR 19,990
Cryoviva India Cryoviva India, Gurgaon. INR 50,000
Biocell Babycell, Mumbai INR 79,000
CordCare India PathCare Labs, Hyderabad, India INR 65,000

How much is cord blood banking in the Philippines?

Cord blood banking plan starts from PHP8,333/month for 36 months.

Which cord blood bank is the best in Singapore?

Best Cord Blood Banks in Singapore

  • StemCord. Built on medical expertise to offer hope.
  • Singapore Cord Blood Bank (SCBB) Singapore’s only public cord blood bank.
  • Cordlife. One of the biggest private cord blood banks in Singapore.
  • Cryoviva. Affordable private cord blood and cord tissue storage.

Is it worth storing stem cells?

No one knows how stem cells will be used in the future, but researchers hope they may be used to treat many conditions, like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart failure, spinal cord damage, and others. It’s possible that storing your child’s cord blood cells now may be useful one day in combating these diseases.

How much does it cost to store stem cells?

You will pay a starting fee of about $1,000 to $2,000, plus a storage fee of more than $100 a year for as long as the blood is stored. If you want to save the cord blood, you must arrange for it ahead of time.

How do you pay cordlife?

You may also make payment online via AXS e-Station, or the AXS App. Please click “Pay Bills”, select “Healthcare-Cordlife”, and ensure you have invoice number and contract number on hand before making payment.

Who owns cordlife?


Type Public
Key people Joseph Wong Wai Leung (Chairman) Dr. Ho Choon Hou (Vice Chairman) Tan Poh Lan (Executive Director & Group CEO)
Products Cord blood banking, cord lining banking, metabolic screening and other products catering to the mother & child segment
Revenue S$61.6 million (FY2019)

How much does it cost to store cord blood in Singapore?

Cord blood banking costs $1,200 to $1,600 for the upfront payment, and then $250 to $275 a year subsequently. After age 21, it’s free. So the total cost of 21 years of storage is $6,600 to $6,700.

How much does cordlife cost?

Price Plan and Payment Modes Our cord blood banking plan starts from PHP9,000+/month for 36 months and covers an 18-year period. *Terms and conditions apply. Cordlife reserves the right to amend the price plans without prior notice.