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Which pop singers can sing opera?

Which pop singers can sing opera?

12 most famous pop opera singers in the music world

  • Andrea Bocelli.
  • Sarah Brightman.
  • Josh Groban.
  • Katherine Jenkins.
  • Il Divo.
  • Emma Shapplin.
  • Luciano Pavarotti (1935 – 2007)

What famous singers are classically trained?

16 pop singers you probably didn’t know were classically trained

  • Katy Perry. Before she topped the charts, Katy Perry briefly studied Italian opera at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara.
  • Charlie Puth.
  • PSY.
  • Ed Sheeran.
  • Lady Gaga.
  • Freddie Mercury.
  • Kelly Clarkson.
  • Annie Lennox.

Who is the most famous opera singer?

Below is our list of the 23 greatest and most famous opera singers of all time.

  • Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007)
  • Maria Callas (1923-1977)
  • Enrico Caruso (1873-1921)
  • Renee Fleming (1959-)
  • Placido Domingo (1941-)
  • Joan Sutherland (1926-2010)
  • Jose Carreras (1946-)
  • Jessye Norman (1945-2019)

Who is the best opera singer today?

7 Best Contemporary Opera Singers

  • Dmitri Hvorostovsky.
  • Lawrence Brownlee.
  • Bryn Terfel.
  • Plácido Domingo.
  • Juan Diego Florez.
  • Philippe Jaroussky.
  • Ramón Vargas.

Is Lady Gaga classically trained?

Lady Gaga was born Stefani Germanotta, and grew up playing music and performing in stage shows. As a child in New York, she learned to play classical piano, trained with Christina Aguilera’s vocal coach, and studied music history carefully.

What rock singers are classically trained?

Often, these artists are classically trained musicians who decided to go a different route than their peers after colleges and conservatories….Six Rock/Electro Musicians You Didn’t Know Were Classically…

  • Rostam Batmanglij.
  • Zedd.
  • Andrew Bird.
  • Kishi Bashi.
  • Jonny Greenwood.
  • Bryce Dessner.

Did Freddie Mercury have voice training?

Reportedly, his musical talents enchanted several professors at the boarding school, so they made a point of supporting them. It is likely that he got a certain vocal education as well, although it is also said that Freddie had never studied singing—but we’ll focus on this later on.

Who is the best soprano ever?

The 20 Greatest Sopranos of all time

  • Kirsten Flagstad (1895-1962)
  • Margaret Price (1941-2011)
  • Lucia Popp (1939-1993)
  • Montserrat Caballé (b1933-2018)
  • Birgit Nilsson (1918-2005)
  • Leontyne Price (b1927)
  • Victoria de los Angeles (1923-2005)
  • Joan Sutherland (1926-2010)

Who has the highest soprano voice?

These are the 15 absolute greatest sopranos of all time

  • Cecilia Bartoli. Cecilia Bartoli is the great adventurer of modern sopranos: a voice to die for, but coupled with absurd creative ambition and tremendous humour.
  • Monsterrat Caballé
  • Maria Callas.
  • Diana Damrau.
  • Joyce DiDonato.
  • Renée Fleming.
  • Mirella Freni.
  • Anna Netrebko.

Who is the best living soprano?

Mrs. Netrebko currently leads the list of the world’s best sopranos and is considered as today’s best lyric soprano. Not only is she undisputed in both the Russian and Verdian repertoire but she has also ventured outside her style with composers such as Richard Strauss (she has just performed Four last songs in Paris).