Which is better 3.21 or 3.92 axle ratio?

Which is better 3.21 or 3.92 axle ratio?

So, to return to the same example, a Ram 1500 with the standard 3.21 axle ratio will get better fuel economy than a truck fitted with the 3.92. If towing isn’t your primary concern, the standard axle ratio is probably your best choice to balance towing capability and fuel economy.

Is a 3.92 gear ratio good for towing?

But opt for the higher 3.92 axle ratio and that same truck packs a higher towing capacity of 9,930 pounds. The extra towing capacity comes about because the increased engine spinning helps improve off-the-line acceleration and pulling power when carrying heavy loads.

What are 3.21 gears good for?

The 3.21 hits 60 right after shifting into 3rd. – towing: for trailers at or under 8k, the 3.21 is fine. Yes it will operate one one gear lower pretty much the whole time, and be a little slower from a stop, but easily plenty of power.

What is the difference between 3.21 and 3.92 rear axle ratio?

From the speed 31-38 MPH, 3.21 has higher final drive ratio over 3.92 (15.12 vs 12.31) until it has to shift to 2nd gear at 38MPH. From the speed 39-47 MPH, 3.92 has higher final drive ratio over 3.21 (12.31 vs 10.10) until it has to shift to 3rd gear at 47 MPH.

How do I know if my Ram 1500 has 3.92 rear axle ratio?

Rotate the rear tire 2 times and count the number of times the drive shaft turns. Close to 4 times = 3.92.

What is best axle ratio for towing?

The higher the ratio, the more revolutions per minute. Towing: For pickup trucks released after 2010, the best axle ratio for towing falls somewhere between 3.55 and 3.73. This range provides good acceleration for V8 gas and diesel engines.

What gear ratio is in my Dodge Ram?

Ram has a standard axle ratio of 3.21 on 2X4 trucks and 3.55 on 4X4 trucks and trucks with the diesel engine.

How do I know if my RAM has 3.92 rear axle ratio?

What weight can a Ram 1500 tow?

12,750 pounds
How Much Can a Ram 1500 Tow? The 2019 Ram 1500 boasts a best-in-class V8 towing capacity of 12,750 pounds when properly equipped. Thanks to its fierce engine power and high-strength steel frame, the 2019 Ram 1500 is ready to handle tough work at the jobsite.

How much does it cost to change gears on a Ram 1500?

Registered. Yes you can change the gears. It is just money! You have to do the front and rear end I would say that it will cost you $1000 to $1500 total cost to swap out the gears.

How do I find my Dodge axle ratio?

Well, to locate the axle ratio on your Dodge Ram you need to find the metal tag. To locate it you will need to go through the rear axle carrier housing. On the rear axle carrier housing of your Ram, you will see a small metal tag. The gear ratio of your Ram is on that label.

How do I find out what gear ratio my Dodge truck has?

You can always look at the tag on the differential. It has the ratio printed on it. You can also get your build sheet which is specific to your truck and lists all components used to build your truck. Simply plug your Vin number into that link.