Which grade of bitumen is best?

Which grade of bitumen is best?

Bitumen VG30 is the most widely used type of bitumen in road construction, insulation, building construction industries, and also in the production of cutback bitumen. It’s better to know that this vg30 bitumen can be used instead of 60/70 penetration bitumen grade. VG 30 bitumen is a popular grade of bitumen in India.

Which grade of bitumen is used in road construction?

Bitumen penetration grade 30/40 is suitable for road construction in tropical areas. Bitumen penetration grade 40/50 is suitable for asphalt pavements and it can be used in manufacturing hot mix asphalts for base and surface courses.

Which is most commonly used bitumen?

3– Petroleum Asphalts are the bitumen which is derived from petroleum. These are solid and semi-solid bitumen which is directly produced through distillation from petroleum or by additional operations such as air blowing. Compared with the other types, they are more commonly used and have more applications.

What grade is bitumen available?

The measurement to differentiate the grades are their penetration grade which are defined by the number next to its name. One of the more popular grade of bitumen are bitumen 60/70 while for oxidized bitumen, oxidized bitumen grade 115/15 are the more popular among manufacturers.

What is VG-40 grade bitumen?

VG-40 is used in highly stressed areas such as intersections, near toll booths and truck parking lots instead of 30/40 penetration grade. Because of higher viscosity, stiffer Bitumen mixes can be produced to amend resistance to shoving and other problems related to higher temperature and heavy traffic loads.

What is s 35 grade bitumen?

Bitumen Penetration Grade 35/50 is a standard penetration grade Bitumen usually used as a Paving Grade Bitumen suitable for road construction and for the production of asphalt pavements with superior properties. This grade of Bitumen is mainly used in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses.

What does a 60 70 grade bitumen indicate?

A grade of 60/70 bitumen means the penetration value is in the range 60 to 70 at standard test conditions which usually used as a Paving Grade. Bitumen 60/70 is applicable for the production of asphalt pavements with superior properties and for construction and maintenance of roads.

What does an 80 100 grade bitumen indicate?

Bitumen of grade 80/100 means that in the bitumen penetration test, when the needle sinks 8 to 10 mm in the bitumen, we find out that the penetration value is between 8 and 10 mm and this type of bitumen is 80/100 bitumen.

What do you mean by 60 70 bitumen?

The penetration of Bitumen is used to measure its grade. It is reported as a penetration value of mm/10. Bitumen penetration grade 60/70 means the penetration value is in the range 60 to 70 at standard test conditions which commonly used as a Paving Grade.

Why do we find bitumen grade?

Bitumen is classified by the depth to which a standard needle will penetrate under specified test conditions. This β€œpen” test classification is used to indicate the hardness of bitumen, lower penetration values indicating a harder bitumen, higher values e.g. 160/220 indicate a softer grade.

What is VG-10 bitumen?

VG-10 bitumen is the softest grade of viscosity bitumen. It has a better performance in cold weather thus it is suitable for paving roads in a cold climate instead of the old 80/100 penetration grade bitumen. The air temperature that matches VG-10 bitumen ranges from -100C to 250C.

What is VG 10 bitumen?