Which Austin barbecue joint do we recommend?

Which Austin barbecue joint do we recommend?

Franklin’s is the winner of every major barbecue award there is, including Texas Monthly’s coveted Best Barbecue Joint in Texas award and Bon Appétit’s Best Barbecue Joint in America. Six days a week, crowds stand in line for hours for a taste of mouth-watering brisket.

Which city in Texas has the best barbecue?

Austin, Texas Best known for music and barbecue, Austin is a can’t-miss on the barbecue trail. From fine-dining to truck stop, every smoker adds their own spin and style to the traditional sweet and tangy tomato-based sauce.

Who owns Franklin BBQ in Austin?

Aaron Franklin
Aaron Franklin is the host of BBQ with Franklin and owner and chief firestarter at Austin’s Franklin Barbecue, widely regarded as one of the most influential pitmasters in the U.S. He received the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Southwest in 2015.

Is Franklin BBQ worth the wait?

Waiting in Franklin BBQ Line: Is It Worth it? My answer is a resounding yes! But here’s what I have to add. If you are traveling to Austin, this is an awesome thing to do not only because the brisket is delicious, but because the line itself is an experience (the line even has a Twitter account!).

What is the famous street in Austin?

Sixth Street Historic
Sixth Street (Austin, Texas)

Sixth Street Historic District
U.S. Historic district
Historic buildings lining Sixth Street
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Location Roughly bounded by 5th, 7th, Lavaca Streets and I-35, Austin, Texas

What is the most famous Texas BBQ?

These 12 Barbecue Joints In Texas Will Leave You Begging For More

  • Black’s Barbecue (Lockhart)
  • Franklin BBQ (Austin)
  • Smitty’s Market (Lockhart)
  • The Salt Lick (Driftwood and Round Rock)
  • Louie Mueller Barbecue (Taylor)
  • Kreuz Market (Lockhart)
  • Snow’s BBQ (Lexington)
  • City Market BBQ (Luling)

Why is Franklin’s BBQ so good?

Part of what makes Franklin so good is his unbelievable consistency with brisket. But he’s no one-trick pony. The meaty pork ribs have a delicious pepper-rimmed crust, and the beef-and-pork sausage, made locally to his specifications, has a great snap.

What type of BBQ is Texas known for?

Texas Barbecue refers to methods of preparation for barbecue unique to Texan cuisine. Beef brisket, pork ribs, and sausage are among the most commonly known dishes. The term can also include side dishes that are traditionally served alongside the smoked meats.