Which Atlanta Housewife did bolo sleep with?

Which Atlanta Housewife did bolo sleep with?

After the Bravo cameras were turned off, the women partied into the early morning along with Bolo, and Kenya alleged that he got intimate with at least one fellow Housewife — namely, Porsha — in the house after the festivities came to an end.

Who is the richest Housewife of Atlanta?

1) Kandi Burruss She also owns a chain of restaurants with her husband, Todd Tucker. Thanks to her hard work and talent, the RHOA star has an estimated net worth of $30 million. The whopping amount makes her the richest housewife among the cast members of the Bravo show.

Who is the most successful Housewife of Atlanta?

And when all was said and done, Williams was the cream of the crop. Porsha Williams, who headlined the Real Housewives of Atlanta as a main castmate for 10 seasons, also headlined the new report by receiving the highest overall rating, with a 88.5 score out of 100.

Why was Phaedra fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Parks exited the series back in 2017 following an explosive ninth season, in which Porsha Williams accused her of knowingly spreading lies about castmate Kandi Burruss. Williams said during the season’s epic reunion episodes that Parks told her Burruss and her husband, Todd, wanted to drug her and have sex with her.

Who really slept with bolo?

Kandi Burruss Explains Why She Stayed Silent About Allegations That Porsha Williams Sleeping With Bolo. Kandi Burruss had a relatively tame season on the Real Housewives of Atlanta this year.

Are Porsha and Tanya still friends?

Porsha confirmed that she and Tanya are still friendly today, and she gave us an update on what the RHOA pal has been up to since filming on Season 13 ended. “Yeah, I just spoke to her the other day. She was doing a project with Da Brat, and we’re supposed to be getting together,” Porsha said on WWHL.

How did Nene Leakes get rich?

Leakes is worth $14 million, most of which she earned from her appearances on RHOA, Celebrity Net Worth reported. She began appearing on the show in 2008 and was a regular for seven seasons. In 2015, she received $1 million per season.

What did Gregg leakes do for a living?

Career. Leakes is a self-taught businessman who has worked as a real estate investor and consultant. NeNe was cast on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2008, and over several seasons, audiences witnessed the ups and downs of the Leakes’ marriage and saw how the couple dealt with Gregg’s 2018 cancer diagnosis.

Who got fired from Atlanta housewives?

Cynthia Bailey is opening up about her decision to exit The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Earlier this week, the 54-year-old reality star — who has been a full-time cast member of the Bravo series since its third season in 2010 — announced in an Instagram post that she would be leaving the show.

Who Got Fired From Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Are porsha and Phaedra still friends?

Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks have been together and are very tight friends. In recent dispensations, Porsha Williams revealed that they still chat once in a while. Porsha Williams was born in Atlanta, Georgia and she is a graduate of Southwest Dekalb High School.

Is Tanya still with Paul?

It looks as though the couple is still going strong after many years together. Back in 2019, Tanya opened up about their long-term relationship on an episode of The Daily Dish podcast.