Where was the Michigan Theatre located?

Where was the Michigan Theatre located?

The Michigan was built at Bagley and Cass avenues at a cost of more than $3.5 million ($42.4 million today, when adjusted for inflation) and was the only Detroit theater designed by renowned architects Cornelius W. and George L. Rapp.

What happened to the Michigan theater?

The theater ceased operations in 1976 after operating as a nightclub named The Michigan Palace. After the closure, office tenants threatened to leave unless they received adequate parking. To retain the tenants, building owners gutted and converted the theater into a parking structure.

What time do doors open at Fox theater Detroit?

The world-class theatre ranked sixth in the nation and seventh in the world in Pollstar’s 2019 Year-End Rankings for Top 200 Theatres. OPEN ON EVENT DAYS ONLY: 11:00 am – 60 minutes after event start time.

How many people does the Michigan theater seat?

1,700Michigan Theater / Capacity

Who owns the Michigan Theater Ann Arbor?

Michigan Theater Foundation
A ground-floor retail space replaced the original auditorium’s main floor in 1989, housing an Urban Outfitters store until 2020. It now hosts a Target….State Theatre (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Owner Michigan Theater Foundation (theaters) State Theater LLC (retail space)
Operator Michigan Theater Foundation
Opened March 18, 1942

Do I need to wear a mask at the Fox Theater Detroit?

Mask Protocol The Fox Theatre, in alignment with the CDC’s updated guidelines, is no longer requiring all guests to wear masks to attend an event.

Can you wear jeans to the Fox Theater?

Does the Fabulous Fox Theatre have a dress code? The Fabulous Fox Theatre does not have a dress code, and you will see a wide range of dress at most events. Dress for Broadway shows generally ranges from business casual to suits and dresses, while concerts tend to be more casual.

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