Where is zone 4 for moose?

Where is zone 4 for moose?

If you are one of the lucky ones who drew a moose permit for zone 4, or if you are just hoping to and doing your research ahead of time, Loon Lodge is your best bet for a successful Moose hunt. Loon Lodge is located in Zone 4, the most remote zone in Maine for moose hunts and nobody knows this area better than us.

How many moose permits do I need in Maine 2021?

4,030 permits
Maine’s moose hunt is a “permit only” hunt. 4,030 permits were issued for the 2021 moose hunt. Each permittee may select a subpermittee to hunt with them. Applications are available by January 31. A person may not hunt moose with an apprentice hunter license.

How many moose permits do I need in Maine 2020?

This year’s moose seasons: β€” Sept. 28-Oct. 3, with 955 bull permits allotted in 12 Wildlife Management Districts.

How many moose permits did Maine give out this year?

4,030 permits were awarded for the upcoming 2021 Maine moose hunt, 345 more than the previous year. Most of the permits, totaling 1,650, were divided among Wildlife Management Districts 1, 2, and 4. The 500 permits issued in Zone 4 were separate from the Adaptive Moose Hunt.

How many people apply for moose permits in Maine?

In 2019, for instance, 59,185 Maine residents applied for moose permits. Of those, 2,770 received permits.

How do I get a moose tag in Maine?

To hunt for moose in Maine, you will need a permit; and due to high demand, these permits are administered in four ways only:

  1. Through three chance lottery drawings: resident, non-resident, and the adaptive management zone.
  2. Through a competitive auction.
  3. Through a controlled moose hunt for disabled veterans.

What is the best caliber for hunting moose?

So, with all of that out of the way, here we go.

  1. 1. . 30/06 Springfield. Browning’s 185-grain BXC .30/06.
  2. 2. . 45/70 Government (The Souped-Up Version)
  3. 6.5 Creedmoor. Swift’s 140-grain High Grade Big Game A-Frame 6.5 Creedmoor.
  4. 4. . 338 Winchester Magnum.
  5. 5. . 375 Ruger.
  6. 6. . 375 H&H.

How much is a moose permit in Maine?

Moose hunting is not an inexpensive activity, though there are ways to reduce the costs associated with β€œthe hunt of a lifetime.” A Maine resident will pay $15 to enter the permit lottery, and another $52 for the permit itself, if drawn.

Can I sell my Maine moose permit?

In most cases, moose permits are non-transferable.

How much does a moose permit cost in Maine?

How much does it cost for a moose permit in Maine?

Hunting License & Moose permit, non-resident big game license $115.00, moose permit $585.00, Maine residence license $26.00, moose permit $52.00. Extra persons (apart from you and your sub-permittee) is $700.00 per person for meals & accommodations.

How much is a moose license in Maine?

License Fees

License Fee
Permit & Other Fees Moose Permit See Moose Hunting
Muzzleloader Permit (16 and older)** $13.00
Pheasant Permit (Cumberland and York Counties) $17.00