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Where is the best duck hunting in Arkansas?

Where is the best duck hunting in Arkansas?

5 WMAs among the state’s best for duck hunting

  • Big Lake.
  • Dave Donaldson/Black River.
  • Earl Buss/Bayou de View.
  • Rex Hancock/Black Swamp WMA.
  • Henry Gray/Hurricane Lake WMA.
  • Additional information.

How much does a guided duck hunt cost in Arkansas?

Arkansas guided hunts are $300 with lodging per person/ per day. Arkansas daily blind leases/ self guided duck hunts are $550 per day up to 6 people.

Can you duck hunt in the afternoon in Arkansas?

Shooting hours and bag limits are the same as regular waterfowl season. Hunting is allowed on WMAs from one half-hour before sunrise until sunset.

Is duck hunting good in Arkansas?

Arkansas is one of the best states for duck and waterfowl hunting in the US. With thousands of miles of scenic wetlands and rice fields, Arkansas is the perfect place to find a wide variety of both local and migratory ducks and large waterfowl.

How many duck hunters are in Arkansas?

More than 100,000 waterfowl hunters each year enjoy hunting the iconic flooded timber and rice fields of Arkansas, contributing to the state’s economy nearly $1 million each day of duck season.

Why is duck hunting so good in Arkansas?

Across the Delta region of southeast Arkansas, near the confluence of the White, Arkansas and Mississippi rivers, there are duck hunting opportunities galore when there is adequate rainfall to flood the public hunting areas along the river bottoms.

How much do you tip a duck guide?

In speaking with guides all over the country, it seems customary that tipping your guide around 15-20% of the day’s cost is what the going rate is.

Where is the duck capital of the world?

Stuttgart, about 55 miles east of Little Rock, is known as the duck capital of the world. For the next two months, thousands of hunters will descend on eastern Arkansas and drop millions into the state’s economy.

How many days is duck season in Arkansas?

Dates for the first 10 days run until Nov. 29. The second split runs Dec. 11-23, while the final leg of the 60-day season is Dec. 26-Jan. 31. Luke Naylor, chief waterfowl biologist with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, shared his take on this year’s hunt.

When can non residents duck hunt in Arkansas?

Clarify the dates when non-resident waterfowl hunting allowed on WMAs for future seasons. First 10 days of regular duck season; December 27, through January 5, Annually; January 22, through January 31, Annually.

Where did Kevin Costner duck hunt in Arkansas?

His trips included stops in Weiner, Searcy, DeWitt, and Hot Springs where he got his Arkansas Hunting License from a local outdoor sporting goods store. It was also reported that he also visited Harding University’s new indoor practice facility.

Why are there no ducks in Arkansas?

by Bryan Hendricks | January 31, 2021 at 2:49 a.m. Duck season ends this evening, and many duck hunters wonder what went wrong. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, duck populations are very good, but ducks never arrived in great numbers to Arkansas.