When was the Eisteddfod in Carmarthen?

When was the Eisteddfod in Carmarthen?

The first of these provincial eisteddfodau was held in Carmarthen, as I said, in the year 1819. And who should come to that eisteddfod every step from Merthyr, where he was staying at the time with his son, but that remarkable old gentleman, Iolo Morgannwg, creator of the Gorsedd of Bards.

What does Eisteddfod mean in Welsh?

In Medieval times, Welsh bards and minstrels would assemble together for an eisteddfod (the Welsh word for “session”) of poetry and music competition.

When was the Eisteddfod in Aberystwyth?

The National Eisteddfod was held in 1861, at Aberdare in Glamorgan….Eisteddfod venues.

Year Place County
1916 Aberystwyth Cardiganshire
1917 Birkenhead Cheshire
1918 Neath Glamorgan
1919 Corwen Merionethshire

When was the Eisteddfod in Bala?

Here’s a brief rundown of the main things you need to know now about the Meirion and District National Eisteddfod 2009. Location: Bala, north Wales. See BBC Local’s townsite.

When was the Eisteddfod in Newport?

The National Eisteddfod of Wales (Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru) was held in Newport, Monmouthshire, in 1897.

When was the Eisteddfod in Llanelli?

Find things to do. The National Eisteddfod was last held at Llanelli in 2000 and was declared a huge success with attendance records broken and all the major prizes awarded.

How many times has the Eisteddfod been in Cardiff?

The Eisteddfod has visited all the traditional counties of Wales. It has visited five of the six cities in Wales: Bangor, Cardiff, Newport, St David’s and Swansea; it has never visited St Asaph.

Why is the Eisteddfod important to Wales?

The Gorsedd is made up of ‘bards’, and honours people who have made a substantial contribution to the Welsh language and to Wales. Its main function is to promote the poetry, literature, music and the arts in Wales.

When was the Eisteddfod in Abergavenny?

Lady Llanover had fallen head over heels in love, above all, with the triple harp and the folk airs and folk dances of Wales, and there’s no doubt at all that the Abergavenny Eisteddfodau between 1835 and 1853 played a very important part in safeguarding those elements in Welsh-language culture.

How old is the Welsh Eisteddfod?

The history of the Eisteddfod in Wales can be traced back to 1176, with the modern history of the organisation dating back to 1861. The festival has been held every year, other than 1914, when the outbreak of the First World War saw it postponed for a year.

Where was the first Eisteddfod in Wales?

The first Eisteddfod was held in 1176, under the patronage of Lord Rhys, in his castle in Cardigan. He invited poets and musicians from all over the country and awarded a chair to the best poet and musician, a tradition that has carried on to the present day.