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When was I Am the Cheese written?

When was I Am the Cheese written?

I Am the Cheese is novel by Robert Cormier that was first published in 1977.

What is the first clue Adam gives in I Am the Cheese?

Back in the dialogue, Adam mentions that the dog may be a clue, and says he thought of this clue when he saw a dog out on the grass this morning. Brint asks if he means Silver, a German shepherd, and whether Silver is a clue. Adam responds that a different dog is the clue.

Who is the narrator of I Am the Cheese?

Adam Farmer
Narrative. An anonymous narrator describes how he pedals his old bicycle from Monument, Massachusetts to his father in Rutterburg, Vermont. We find out in a later chapter that the narrator’s name is Adam Farmer.

What happens at the end of I Am the Cheese?

Adam sings “The Farmer in the Dell” as the doctor opens up the package and takes out Pokey the Pig, Adam’s old stuffed animal. Adam finishes the song, which ends with “The cheese stands alone.” The doctor calls him Paul, and Adam wonders who that is.

Why is it called I Am the Cheese?

Each character in the song, from the farmer to the rat, gets to make a choice. The cheese is the only one who doesn’t (cheeses are inanimate objects, after all). In this sense, Adam really is the cheese: he lacks control over his own destiny.

Who is Witness 599 6 in I Am the Cheese?

Adam does not reveal any information given by “Witness #599–6,” Adam’s father, a member of the Witness Re-Establishment Project. The report also says that Adam withdraws completely when he tries to remember the death of his father and mother, but that the knowledge may be in the “psychological residue” of the subject.

What does the dog symbolize in I Am the Cheese?

It is important to note that Silver, the hospital dog that attacks Adam’s bike (representative of his freedom) is a German shepherd. This might be Cormier referencing Nazi Germany. The all encompassing and terrifying power of government in this novel can be construed as a government headed in the wrong direction.

What is the second landmark to which brint refers in I Am the Cheese?

Brint calls this Adam’s second “landmark,” the first being the encounter with the dog, and urges Adam to allow him and the medicine to help him remember more details about his childhood. The novel is again narrated in the first person.

How old is Adam in I Am the Cheese?

Fifteen year old Adam Farmer (Robert MacNaughton) seeks to unearth the many secrets locked in his subconscious. Adam’s journey through his mind is paralleled with a bike trip to Rutterburg, Vermont, with a package for his father.

What are numbers in I Am the Cheese?

Amy is seduced by the idea of flouting authority and is not afraid of getting caught. Her boldness rubs off on Adam, who is never shy around her, and she draws him into her pranks, called Numbers. Amy’s rebellion may stem from other areas of her life. Adam briefly mentions that her mother is a busy, social woman.

Who is Pokey the Pig?

Pokey the Pig The contents of the package Adam carries throughout the story, supposedly for his father, is revealed at the end of the novel. The package contains Adam’s childhood stuffed animal, Pokey the Pig, one of the few items that his mother saved during their relocation.

What does the bike symbolize in I Am the Cheese?

Adam’s bike represents freedom. In the present tense plot (the journey to see his father) Adam is determined to ride on his bike, even though he has enough money to take a bus. For Adam, riding his bike (without taking his medicine) is symbolic of making the journey under his own power.