When did the Can-Am Outlander 1000 come out?

When did the Can-Am Outlander 1000 come out?

Outlander MAX 1000 XT. The 2012 Outlander MAX 1000 XT is the biggest ATV of Can-Am’s MAX XT series, offering all the nifty feats for serious comfort and performance, while adding the brawn of the mighty 976cc v-twin power unit.

How fast does CAN-AM 1000 go?

about 75 MPH
The Can-Am Commander 1000’s top speed is about 75 MPH. This number will be affected by the weight of your cargo and passengers, the altitude you ride at, the current weather conditions, and accessories on your vehicle.

How much horsepower does a 800 Can-Am Outlander have?

In stock form the CAN-AM Outlander 800 produced 67.8 HP at 6700 RPM on our Land & Sea Crankshaft Dynomometer. The final development of our Slip-On Mega Power Silencer on the CAN-AM Outlander 800 produced 73.2 HP at 7100 RPM. The difference is an increase of 5.4 HP between Power peaks.

How much horsepower does a 1000 Can-Am Outlander have?

Leading Engine Technology Class-leading Rotax V-Twin engines in 91-hp (1000R), 78-hp (850), and 62-hp (650) the Outlander puts all its torque down with responsive throttle, a signature roar, and power to spare.

What does XMR mean on Can-Am?

XMR = Xtra Money Required.?

How much is a Can-Am 1000?

2021 Can-Am Outlander X MR 1000R with Visco-4Lok • $14,999.

How much horsepower does a Can-Am 1000 have?

Maverick Sport DPS

Engine 1000R
Engine displacement 1000
Type 100 hp, Rotax® 976 cc, V-twin, liquid cooled
Fuel Delivery System Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™) with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

How much HP does a renegade 1000 have?

At 91-hp, Renegade 1000R models are the most powerful ATVs on the market, ready to attack and grip on the toughest trails or mud holes.

Can-Am 800 Outlander specs?

Can-am 800 Specs?

L x W x H 86 x 48 x 49.5 in. (218.4 x 121.9 x 126 cm)
Estimated Dry Weight* 650: 749 lb (341kg) 850: 800 lb (363 kg) 1000R: 826 lb (375 kg)
Rack Capacity Front: 100 lb (45 kg) / Rear: 200 lb (90 kg)
Storage Capacity Rear: 5.7 gal (21.4 L)
Towing Capacity 1,650 lb (750 kg)

Can-Am Outlander 1000 specs?

Everything you need to know about Can-Am’s 976cc V-twin-powered ATVs….2022 Can-Am Outlander XT 1000R Specs.

MSRP: $12,749–$14,899
Width: 48.0 in. / 50.0 in. (X MR)
Height: 49.5 in. / 51.5 in. (X MR)
Wheelbase: 51.0 in. / 59.0 in. (X MR)
Storage Capacity: 5.7-gal. rear storage

Can Am renegade XMR 1000?

Renegade 1000, Can-Am Quad ATV: Can-Am® Renegade® 1000R PUSH THE BOUNDARIES – Take control with the power you want and the ability to easily navigate whatever conditions you encounter. Featuring class-leading horsepower and agile handling, it’s simply the best sport-performance 4×4 ride available.

Can AM 1000 renegade price?

Can-Am RENEGADE 1000 Four Wheelers for Sale Matches 1 – 25 of 12 $15,949 2022 Can-Am ATV RENEGADE XMR 1000R GY 22 1 miles 2022 Can-Am ATV RENEGADE XMR 1000R GY 22, Email 1-866-210-4558 Freedom Powersports Denton/ Big Tex Indian Motorcycle Video chat with this dealer Denton, TX – 1,503 mi. away

Can Am Outlander price list?

The most capable Outlander you’d expect from Can-Am with a complete range of accessories at your disposal. Starting at $6,299 Transportation and preparation not included.

Can Am renegade 1000 lifted?

SuperATV’s 2” Lift Kit adds two inches of lift to your Can-Am Outlander, giving you the performance upgrade you need to cross bigger rocks and logs without a hitch. The increase in height also gives you room for bigger tires, which improves your mobility even more. There’s no limit to what a little extra ground clearance can do for your ride.