When did Minutes to Midnight?

When did Minutes to Midnight?

Minutes to Midnight (Linkin Park album)

Minutes to Midnight
Released May 14, 2007
Recorded January 2006 – March 2007
Studio The Mansion (Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles) NRG Recordings (North Hollywood, Los Angeles)
Genre Alternative rock alternative metal

What is the meaning of Minutes to Midnight Linkin Park?

Linkin Park’s urgent message in Minutes To Midnight is still relevant today. The title Minutes To Midnight is derived from the idea of putting all of time on a clock. Human life falls right on the end of the clock, and it is theorized that once the hour hand hits the 12, time will end.

Who is who on Minutes to Midnight cover?

Minutes To Midnight features Shinoda tackling vocals, both lead and background. He sings backing vocals on “Given Up”, “What I’ve Done”, “No More Sorrow”, “Valentine’s Day”, and “The Little Things Give You Away”.

What genre is minutes to midnight?

Minutes To Midnight/Genres

Where was Minutes to Midnight filmed?

The spy story inspired by a real Nazi elite college, Six Minutes to Midnight, was entirely filmed in Wales. Set in the seaside town of Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex (South East England), the primary filming location of the Augusta Victoria school is the stunning Golden Grove house located in southwest Wales.

What is the cover of a thousand suns?

The cover is Earth exploding with the light of a thousand suns (the power generated in a nuclear war).

Is there a documentary about Linkin Park?

The film was originally released in May 2007 as part of the record’s special edition bonus DVD, and features extensive footage of the band at work in the studio. Linkin Park shared The Making of Minutes to Midnight on their YouTube channel on Saturday (May 15) to mark last week’s 14th anniversary of the album.

What movies are Linkin Park in?


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  • The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack (2003)
  • The One Soundtrack (2001)
  • Miami Vice Soundtrack (2006)
  • Soundtrack. The Afterparty (2022)
  • Hunter Reviews (2020)
  • Major Moment: Leave Out All the Rest (A Tribute to Chester Bennington) (2019)
  • American Dad! (

How many copies did a thousand suns sell?

On January 11, 2011, A Thousand Suns was certified gold by the RIAA for shipments of 500,000 copies sold in the US. It spent 30 weeks on the Billboard 200. By June 2014, the album had sold 906,000 copies in the US according to SoundScan.

Why did Iron Maiden write 2 minutes midnight?

This song is about the threat of nuclear war. On disc 2 of the DVD release of Live After Death, Bruce Dickinson explains: “It’s about the romance of war, and how we’re all repelled and fascinated by it at the same time.” >>

Is 6 minutes to midnight a true story?

The movie’s story is based on the real-life Augusta Victoria College in Bexhill-on-Sea, an East Sussex seaside town near Hastings. 2. Eddie Izzard and Dame Judi Dench previously starred together in Sally Potter’s 2009 mystery art film Rage, and 2017’s Queen Victoria drama Victoria & Abdul.

Is Sixty Minutes to Midnight a true story?

The story of Six Minutes to Midnight is based on a true story or at least a true school. The film follows Thomas Miller who discovered the Augusta Victoria College in Bexhill-on-Sea was, in fact, not your average finishing school.