When did Messi scored against Getafe?

When did Messi scored against Getafe?

Messi’s version was scored against Getafe in the first leg of the Copa del Rey 2006-07 semi-final. After 28 minutes, he collected the ball from Xavi Hernández and then went on a dazzling solo run right through the midst of the visiting midfield and defence before slotting the ball past Luis García.

How old was Messi vs Getafe?

Whilst his goal in the 2015 Copa del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao might be the more famous strike, his goal against Getafe this time in the semi-final of the Spanish Cup, when he was just 19-years-old, was even better. Messi dribbled past the whole Getafe side and slotted the ball in the back of the net.

How many times has Messi scored in England?

It was also his 27th goal against a Premier League club in 35 Champions League matches….How many goals has Lionel Messi scored against English Premier League clubs?

Opponent Goals Matches
Manchester United 4 6
Manchester City 7 7
Tottenham Hotspur 2 2
Liverpool 2 4

How many goals Messi scored vs English teams?

Messi has scored more goals against Arsenal than any other team in UEFA competition – nine in 447 minutes comprising six games….Who has Messi scored against in UEFA competition?

Opponents by club Manchester United
Games 6
Minutes 512
Goals 4
Minutes per goal 128m

Which English teams has Messi scored?

Lionel Messi: A look at the PSG star’s sensational record against English teams ahead of Man City Champions League showdown

  • Chelsea. Appearances: 10. Goals: 3.
  • Arsenal. Appearances: 6. Goals: 9.
  • Manchester City. Appearances: 7. Goals: 7.
  • Manchester United. Appearances: 6. Goals: 4.
  • Tottenham. Appearances: 2.
  • Liverpool. Appearances: 4.

Who is the El Classico King?

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi is still the best player in world football, but only just. He is the undisputed king of El Clasico.

What is Messi nationality?

Lionel Messi/Nationality

Lionel Messi, in full Lionel Andrés Messi, also called Leo Messi, (born June 24, 1987, Rosario, Argentina), Argentine-born football (soccer) player who was named Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) world player of the year six times (2009–12, 2015, and 2019).

Why Messi is called Messiah?

Messi holds the Guinness World Records of most number of goals (91) in a calendar year. The top scorer in La Liga, UEFA Champions League, European and international competitions, he is also Argentina’s top scorer (68 goals) and has the most number of hat-tricks scored by any Barcelona player.