What words start with cracy?

What words start with cracy?

9 letter words containing cracy

  • democracy.
  • autocracy.
  • theocracy.
  • mobocracy.
  • timocracy.
  • monocracy.
  • gynocracy.
  • adhocracy.

What word has the suffix cracy?

9-letter words that end in cracy democracy. autocracy. theocracy. mobocracy. timocracy.

What does the root word cracy mean?

The combining form -cracy is used like a suffix meaning “rule” or “government.” It is often used in technical terms, especially in sociology. The form -cracy comes from Greek krátos, meaning “rule” and “strength.”

What are words with Geo?


  • geographic.
  • outrageous.
  • courageous.
  • geothermal.
  • geophysics.
  • changeover.
  • geoscience.
  • curmudgeon.

How many types of cracy are there?

Also ‑crat, ‑cratic, and ‑cratical.

What does the root Dict mean?

The Latin root word dict and its variant dic both mean ‘say. ‘ Some common English vocabulary words that come from this word root include dictionary, contradict, and dedicate. Perhaps the easiest way in which to remember this root is the word prediction, for a prediction is ‘said’ before something actually happens.

What is the meaning of Gress?

step; move
-gress-, root. -gress- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “step; move. ” It is related to -grad-. This meaning is found in such words as: aggression, congress, digress, egress, ingress, progress, regress, transgress.

What are words with Contra in them?

10 letter words containing contra

  • contractor.
  • contrarian.
  • contradict.
  • contraband.
  • contravene.
  • contrabass.
  • contracted.
  • contraltos.

What is the root for auto?

Root word auto is defined as “self.” Some of the words for root word auto are autoplay, autosuggest, auto gear, autopsy. The super-simple method to get the words for the root word auto is “autonomous.” This word is used by many colleges. “Self” means it works by no other means rather by its own means.

What does cracy mean in theocracy?

-cracy in American English (krəsi ) a (specified) type of government; rule by. autocracy, theocracy.