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What was the songs played in Con Air?

What was the songs played in Con Air?


  • “Con Air Theme” – 1:34.
  • “Trisha” – 1:04.
  • “Carson City” – 3:05.
  • “Lear Crash” – 4:44.
  • “Lerner Landing” – 3:28.
  • “Romantic Chaos” – 1:23.
  • “The Takeover” – 3:52.
  • The Discharge” – 1:09.

How Do I Live soundtrack?

Soundtracks (9)

  • Do It With A Rockstar. Written by Amanda Palmer.
  • Tam Lin. Traditional, arranged by Dave Swarbrick.
  • Pomp and Circumstance March No. Written by Edward Elgar.
  • C’mon C’mon. Written by Jennie Werlemar and Kaoru Sato.
  • Nimrod. Written by Edward Elgar and.
  • Which Will. Music and lyrics by Nick Drake.
  • Home.
  • Neon.

Who did the music for Con Air?

Ronnie Van Zant
Trevor RabinMark MancinaDiane Warren
Con Air/Music composed by

How Do I Live Without You original singer?

“How Do I Live” is a song written by Diane Warren. It was performed by LeAnn Rimes and the extended version of the song was later featured on her second studio album You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs in 1997. It was also performed by Trisha Yearwood, and Yearwood’s version was featured in the film Con Air.

How Do I Live song controversy?

After she recorded the song the next day, Walt Disney Pictures, the company behind the Touchstone Pictures label, decided that Rimes’ recording had too much of a “pop” sound, and that Rimes, then 14 at the time of the recording, was too young to sing about the subject matter of the song.

What song plays at the end of Con Air?

How Do I Live
The song was called “How Do I Live” and was written by Diane Warren. Remember that song? It plays at the end of the movie when Nic Cage meets his daughter for the first time, just after landing a plane on the Vegas strip, which resulted in hundreds of casualties.

What movie is the song How Do I Live Without You From?

When executives behind the 1997 Nicolas Cage movie, Con Air, changed their minds about including LeAnn Rimes’ version of the soaring “How Do I Live” in their film, they approached Trisha Yearwood about cutting the song instead.

Who released How Do I Live first?

A then-14-year-old LeAnn Rimes, still riding high off her impressive country music debut album Blue, released “How Do I Live” as the first single from her sophomore release You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs.

What age is LeAnn Rimes?

39 years (August 28, 1982)LeAnn Rimes / Age

How old was LeAnn Rimes when she started singing?

age 3
LeAnn started singing at age 3, and has sold over 20 million records since. She was born August 28, 1982 in Jackson, Mississippi. By age 7, LeAnn made her stage debut in a Dallas musical production of “A Christmas Carol”.

Is there a Con Air 2 movie?

Con Air 2 takes place in 2005, eight years after the plane crash in Con Air. It features the same cast as the original, and they’re all playing the same characters, even the ones who died. Cyrus Grissom, Diamond Dog, Johnny-23, Billy Bedlam, Swamp Thing, and so on — they’re all there.