What was the original Twitter logo?

What was the original Twitter logo?

The first official Twitter logo was a delightful departure from the prelaunch version. Designer Linda Gavin had just a day to create it before the official launch. It was a simple wordmark featuring a unique rounded typeface, with the letters in small caps and no spacing between them.

What does the Twitter logo symbolize?

Resembling a mountain bluebird with a dash of hummingbird thrown in, the Twitter bird has a beak and body that point toward the sky in what Bowman called “the ultimate representation of freedom, hope and limitless possibility.” Unlike previous iterations since the company’s 2006 launch, all of which were named “Larry …

Who invented twitters logo?

The inspiration behind the name was Larry Bird, the basketball legend who was in Mumbai recently for the NBA games. Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder, is from Boston. And Boston means Boston Celtics and Larry Bird. Stone is on record saying the logo was named after the sporting idol.

What type of logo is the Twitter logo?

Twitter designer Douglas Bowman revealed that the Twitter Bird is based on a mountain bluebird, and that the wings are made up of three overlapping circles. It seems Twitter are very protective of this design, as they explain on their website that it is not to be modified in any way.

Who named the Twitter bird?

Larry Bird, the hall of fame NBA forward who played thirteen seasons with the Boston Celtics. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone confirmed the name in August of 2011, when the director of interactive media for the Celtics asked him about it.

Why is the Twitter bird black?

Twitter’s blue bird goes black to show solidarity with protestors in the US, World News | wionews.com.

Is there a Twitter bird Emoji?

🐦 Bird on Twitter Twemoji 2.0. This is how the 🐦 Bird emoji appears on Twitter Twemoji 2.0. It may appear differently on other platforms. Twemoji 2.0 was released on Dec.

Why is Twitter’s logo a bird?

The bird reflects the essence of online microblogs: “Twitter” sounds a lot like “tweet”, which is a sound made by birds. A bird symbolizes freedom and endless possibilities. Short messages are delivered as fast as birds fly.

Why is Twitter named Twitter?

And Twitter means a short inconsequential burst of information, chirps from birds. And we were like, that describes exactly what we’re doing here. So it was an easy choice, and we got twitter.com for some very low price, and we named the company Twitter.

Is it legal to use the Twitter logo?

A product branded with the Twitter name or logo is a reflection of Twitter. So, unless the Twitter logo is locked up with a hashtag or handle, or you’re using it with other social media icons, we don’t allow others to make, sell, or give away anything with our name or logo on it.