What was Jake fantasy in Scrubs?

What was Jake fantasy in Scrubs?

When Jake tells Elliot his deepest sexual fantasy (his equivalent of her “Mexican Apple Thief scenario”), Elliot freaks out and tells him that it’s disgusting.

What is the saddest episode of Scrubs?

“My Screw Up” is arguably the saddest Scrubs episode, and that’s saying something, since the show can get pretty damn sad even if it’s goofy as a whole. The episode starts out with a visit from Ben, Dr. Cox’s best friend, who ends up having a relapse of his cancer.

When Dr. Cox realized he was actually at Ben’s funeral on Scrubs?

Cox and J.D. are revealed to be at a cemetery where they are joined by Jordan, Danni, and many of the hospital staff for what is revealed to be Ben’s funeral. In reality, Ben was the patient who died under J.D.’s watch.

Did Turk and Carla get divorced?

Separation may be a strong word for Carla and Turk’s rough patch. They never formally agreed to a separation while married.

Why did JD leave Scrubs?

In season 8, J.D. decides to leave Sacred Heart for a job at St. Vincent’s so he can be closer to his son Sam. Elliot stays at Sacred Heart, but the two move in together despite her long commute.

Is Dr. Cox the father of Jordan’s baby?

Cox is the father of Jordan’s baby. Elliot gets picked on by Dr. Kelso.

Does J.D. and Elliot get married?

In the Season 8 finale, it is suggested through a flash forward in the style of a home movie that J.D and Elliot will marry and have a child. In Season 9, it is revealed that J.D. and Elliot are in fact married and expecting a child.

Why does Cox call Turk Gandhi?

J.D. often calls Turk “Chocolate Bear”, a term of endearment regarding the fact that he is as powerful and lovable as a bear while also referring to his race. This has several variations. Dr. Cox often calls Turk “Gandhi”, mocking him for being bald and “so giving”.

Why did Dr. Cox shaved his head?

Although we probably all realized it at the same time this week, Dr. Cox is bald because they showed these episodes in a different order than they filmed them. The latest episode when our favorite grumpy, Jesus-loving Nurse Roberts dies Dr.

What happens to JD and Kim’s baby?

In season 6, they decide to keep the child and try to make a relationship work, but they break up when Kim announces that she had a miscarriage. Soon afterward, however, J.D. discovers that she is still pregnant, having lied about losing the baby to get out of the relationship.

Why did Elliot leave Scrubs?

She left briefly to pursue a fellowship but ended up back at Sacred Heart, where she shortly after entered private practice. Elliot is married to long-time on-again-off-again love interest J.D..