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What viscosity is Formula Plus?

What viscosity is Formula Plus?

“The new Harley Formula + oil is the viscosity of a 80W-90 gear lube/20W-50 engine oil. It has very little additive content and just a splash of EP. The amount of EP used in the Formula + is so small, it’s almost not there.

What kind of oil do you put in a Harley-Davidson transmission?

Answer: For any Harley Twin-Cam engine, we highly recommend using AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 in “all three holes” (as they put it) for two essential reasons. Update: AMSOIL now offers dedicated fluid for Harley Davidson primary chain-cases and transmissions.

What weight is Harley-Davidson transmission oil?

In conclusion, 75W-140 can certainly be used in Harley-Davidson transmissions. We’re not sure that the quieter operation is worth the hotter operating temps and (arguably) stiffer shifting.

How often should you change your transmission oil in a Harley?

Oil changes as per Owners manual every 5k Miles, Tranny and Primary every 10K. If you ride it more you’ll be changing it more often.

What is Formula Plus?

Formula Plus Concentrated Degreaser A concentrated industrial floor degreaser. Patented and solvent-free for faster, more effective degreasing. Mix on-site Component A and Component B plus water to produce 55 gallons of concentrated detergent.

Is primary oil the same as motor oil?

Likewise, AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid is designed only to protect primary chaincase components. Its viscosity is similar to an SAE 50 motor oil. Formulating it as a straight-weight lubricant naturally offers an advantage in shear stability over other multi-viscosity lubricants.

Can you use ATF in Harley transmission?

We submit that ATF is too thin for Harley primary use. It’s true that many Harley riders have had years of problem-free performance with ATF. We contend that a thicker oil will provide superior metal-to-metal wear protection. Chains and sprockets will last longer using a fluid with an appropriate viscosity.

What oil does Harley-Davidson recommend?

Ans: For all weather conditions, Harley Davidson recommends SAE 20W50 synthetic oils the Twin Cam engine. But if you live in a region where it gets below 40F, you should get something that maintains SAE 10W40 standards. Similarly, SAE 60 H-D is suggested for higher temperatures above 80 degrees.

Can I use 75w90 in my Harley transmission?

It’s a synthetic gear oil. It will be just fine in the trans. I would recommend using gear oil in there over motor oil.

Can you use 20W-50 in Harley transmission?

Amsoil recommends 20W-50 synthetic V-twin motorcycle oil in the engine, transmission and primary chaincase on most Harleys.

What’s the best oil for Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

Here are our top recommended the best oil for Harley Davidson V-Twin Cam:

  • Best Overall: AMSOIL FULL SYNTHETIC Motorcycle Oil 20W-50.
  • Runner-Up: Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Motor Oil.
  • Best Budget: Castrol 06116 POWER1 V-TWIN 4T 20W-50.

How long can motorcycle oil sit?

Motorcycles needing semi-synthetic motor oil can usually last between 5,000-8,000 miles before needing to change the oil. Finally, motorcycle engines running off fully synthetic motor oil will be able to last between 7,000-10,000 miles before needing to change the oil.