What surgery did Rance Allen have?

What surgery did Rance Allen have?

Allen died unexpectedly while recovering from back surgery he underwent Tuesday. He had been doing so well until his setback that family members were told he would be sent home early this week, he said.

Who died in the Rance Allen Group?

— World-renowned gospel singer and Church Of God In Christ Bishop Rance Lee Allen is dead. The lead singer of the Rance Allen Group died at the age of 71 on Saturday morning.

Who is Rance Allen survived by?

Rance died on October 31, 2020 at the age of 71 from complications due to a recent medical procedure. He is survived by his wife, the former Ellen Marie Groves, whom he married Dec. 1, 1970, and brothers Thomas and Steve Allen.

What happened to Rance Allen today?

Allen died on Oct. 31 at the Heartland at ProMedica care center near his home in Toledo, Ohio. He was 71. His brother Steve, who with their brother Thomas constituted the Rance Allen Group, confirmed his death.

What was the cause of Allen Ranch death?

Allen died on October 31, 2020 from complications due to a recent medical procedure.

What was the cause of death for gospel singer Rance Allen?

Rance Allen recently passed away following complications from his recent medical procedure. Fellow artist and well-known singer Gloria Gaynor took to Twitter to share her heartfelt condolences.

What happened to Bishop Allen?

TOLEDO, OHIO — Bishop Rance Allen, a famous gospel singer and church bishop who hailed from Michigan, has died. Allen died at age 71 while recovering from a medical procedure at Heartland ProMedica in Sylvania, Ohio, according to a joint statement from wife Ellen Allen and manager Toby Jackson.

Did Bishop Rance Allen have a child?

Allen founded the Rance Allen Group in Detroit in 1969 joined by his brothers Thomas and Steve. Allen was married to Ellen Marie Allen (née Groves). The two were married on December 1, 1970. The couple had no children together.

Is Bishop Rance Allen still living?

Sylvania, OHRance Allen / Place of death

Did Bishop Rance Allen pass away?

October 31, 2020Rance Allen / Date of death

Who was Rance Allen’s wife?

Ellen Marie AllenRance Allen / Wife (m. 1970)

Who is Rance Allen’s wife?