What station is the mix in Chicago?

What station is the mix in Chicago?

101.9fm The MIX – WTMX Chicago.

What happened to the mix radio?

NBC Universal, Inc. Eric Ferguson, the longtime morning show host of The Mix on WTMX 101.9-FM, announced Friday he’s exiting the radio station amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, according to the Daily Herald’s media columnist Robert Feder.

Who is Nikki on Eric in the morning?

Nikki Chuminatto
Nikki Chuminatto, midday personality and music director at Hubbard Radio hot adult-contemporary WTMX 101.9-FM, has been added to the cast of Eric Ferguson’s morning show as a full-time contributor, joining regulars Violeta Podrumedic and Brian “Whip” Paruch.

Who is on Wtmx in the morning?

Chris Petlak will move from co-hosting afternoons with Lisa Allen to taking over the lead of the WTMX morning show alongside co-hosts Nikki, Whip, Violeta, and Swany on Monday, January 24.

Is whip still on the mix?

Through it all, cohorts Brian “Whip” Paruch, Nikki Chuminatto and Violeta Podrumedic continue to show up even as their leader is absent from the show he’s been hosting on WTMX 101.9-FM for 25 years. It’s still called “Eric in the Morning” on the air and on the website.

How can I listen to the radio in Chicago?

Our Stations

  1. 93.9 Lite FM. Chicago, IL. Mix & Variety Soft Rock.
  2. 103.5 KISS FM. Chicago, IL. Top 40 & Pop.
  3. V103. Chicago, IL. Hip Hop and R&B R&B.
  4. BIG 95.5 FM. Chicago, IL.
  5. 107.5 WGCI Chicago. Chicago, IL. Hip Hop and R&B R&B.
  6. ROCK 95.5. Chicago, IL.
  7. Inspiration 1390. Chicago, IL. Christian & Gospel.
  8. Delilah. Chicago, IL.

What is Chicago radio?

We are one of the reputed manufacturers of quality commercial sound systems under the brand name “Chicago Radio” since 1929.

Where is Kathy Hart now?

Hart now lives in Montana. In her statement, she told the Tribune that despite the challenges, “I will forever be thankful I chose radio as a career, it was a damn fantastic way to earn a living!”

Did Melissa leave The Mix?

When Melissa McGurren left her job co-hosting Eric Ferguson’s popular morning radio show in December, she said “the truth will come out” about her unexplained departure from the station known as The Mix.

Why did Melissa leave Eric in the morning?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she wrote, she worked in a space with a window separating her from Ferguson, because of her asthma and other medical issues. He so harassed her about the setup that in June 2020 she went back into the studio with him, “even though I felt very unsafe doing so,” her complaint alleges.

How old is Eric Ferguson?

55 years (January 27, 1967)Eric Ferguson / Age

Why did Kathy leave The Mix?

Kachinske, who departed WTMX in 2018, allegedly “admitted she wanted Ferguson to behave appropriately and professionally but stated on numerous occasions that nothing could be done because of Ferguson’s importance to the station,” according to the complaint.