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What songs were removed from GTA 4?

What songs were removed from GTA 4?

Here’s a list of songs removed in GTA IV’s latest update

  • Vladivostok FM.
  • Liberty Rock Radio.
  • The Journey.
  • Liberty City Hardcore.
  • K109 The Studio.
  • The Vibe 98.8.
  • Radio Broker.
  • The Beat 102.7.

Did they remove songs in GTA 4?

An odd dance of give and take coming out of Rockstar yesterday in yet another surprise patch to the aging Grand Theft Auto IV, better known as GTA4. The most recent time this happened, Rockstar completely removed the game from Steam to remove songs that had expired licenses.

Is flashing lights still in GTA 4?

Kanye West!” Flashing Lights is a 2007 hip hop/R&B song performed by American hip hop artist Kanye West featuring Dwele that is featured on The Beat 102.7 radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV.

What songs did GTA Trilogy remove?

Songs Missing from San Andreas

  • 2Pac (ft.
  • The Blackbyrds – Rock Creek Park.
  • Black Harmony – Don’t Let It Go to Your Head.
  • Blood Sisters – Ring My Bell.
  • Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Express Yourself.
  • Fatback Band – Yum Yum (Gimme Some)
  • Gap Band – You Dropped a Bomb on Me.

What songs were removed from gta5?

Brought to the attention of players on the game’s official subreddit, user llamanatee exposed that further inspection of Grand Theft Auto 5’s soundtrack reveals that the Kano track, “Can’t Hold Back (Your Lovin),” has been removed from the funk and post-disco station, Space 103.2.

What Kanye songs are in GTA?

“Hey, man, I know y’all heard this song like a million times, but we’re gonna play it for you again, and again, and again! Flashing Lights! Kanye West!”…Flashing Lights.

Song Flashing Lights
Artist(s): Kanye West Dwele
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Radio Station: The Beat 102.7
Year: 2007

Is there any Kanye songs in GTA 5?

The Rockstar Games behemoth has been confirmed for PlayStation 5 and now it’s put in an appearance during Kanye West’s latest track. Titled Wash Us In The Blood and featuring Travis Scott, who recently wowed the world in Fortnite, the song includes clips taken from Grand Theft Auto Online.

Is Billie Jean still in Vice City?

Billie Jean was a song performed by Michael Jackson featured in the radio station Flash FM in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The song is not present in the 10th Anniversary Edition of the game and the Definitive Edition.

What is K109 The studio in Grand Theft Auto 4?

“DJ Karl returns to K109 The Studio with a new mix of club classics from the likes of Chic and Créme D’Cocoa.” K109 The Studio is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City that plays disco music. The station is hosted by the late Karl Lagerfeld.

What is the name of the radio station in GTA 4?

K109 The Studio is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, which plays disco music. The DJ for the station was the late Karl Lagerfeld .

How many music stations are in Grand Theft Auto 4?

In San Andreas, the music was stepped up to match the dialogue in terms of variety and quality. Grand Theft Auto IV is continuing the legacy with a total of 18 stations, sporting the same unique flavour and styling that we’ve come to expect from all Grand Theft Auto titles.