What size is a GT3071R?

What size is a GT3071R?

This is the full size GT3071R with the full size 60mm turbine wheel which is the same turbine wheel found on the full size GT3076R. Note: There are two other GT3071R variants that have smaller versions of the turbine wheel (56.5mm) made to fit into the T25/GT28 style internally wastegated exhaust housings.

What size turbo is a GTX3071R?

The Garrett GEN2 GTX3071R fits turbine housings for Garrett GT30 (standard size) and GTX30 series turbochargers with a 60mm inducer and 84 trim turbine wheel.

What does a r mean on a turbo?

A/R stands for Area over Radius. It is defined as the inlet (or, for compressor housings, the discharge) cross-sectional area divided by the radius from the turbo centerline to the centroid of that area.

Are Precision Turbos good?

While some still claim that precision is suffering from reliability problems one needs to remember that people are not buying a precision turbo to be gentle on it. Most are run at insainly high pressure ratio’s and shaft speeds and for them to last as long as they do is a testiment to their engineering.

What is the smallest t3 Turbo?

The T3 is the smallest family of turbochargers that Turbonetics offers. Perfectly sized for applications under 2 liters, the T3 line-up starts with the 150 HP 35 trim wheel and goes up to the 325 HP Super 60….Turbo T3 Super 60 /F1-49 . 48 A/R.

Price: $1,428.86
Availability: 2 – 3 Days
Part #: 11036-BB
Manufacturer: Turbonetics

What is a T51R mod?

“T51R” is a Turbocharger model designation which HKS Japan released in the early 1990’s. It was a Garrett based unit, which in modern day model designation correlates to a GT4502R specification. HKS’s T51R became globally popular when they released the “T51R” Turbo Kit for the Nissan RB26 and Toyota 2JZ-GTE engines.

Do ball bearing turbos spool faster?

Ball bearing turbos offer unmatched throttle response, spooling up to 15% faster than traditional journal bearings. Ball bearings have less friction for the compressor and turbine to spin on. Thus they are faster to spool.

Are Precision turbos water cooled?

Precision Turbo and Engine’s high-quality yet economical PW46 46mm water-cooled wastegate is ideal for drift, Time Attack, road race, Rally, and all other applications that see constant, sustained heat.

How much HP does a GT35 turbo add?

GT35-R Ball Bearing Turbo Charger It can Produce 300 to 500 HP, Depends on Your Application and Setup.