What size glove should a softball outfielder use?

What size glove should a softball outfielder use?

Youth outfielder gloves are typically sized between 12″ and 12.5″, while softball outfielders ages 13 and older should look for a glove sized between 12.5″ and 13″. If you’re in an adult rec league however, look for outfielder gloves ranging between 13″ and 14″.

Can you use a slow pitch glove for fastpitch?

Because base stealing and bunting are a big part of fastpitch softball, for example, the game moves faster than slowpitch, where base runners usually must wait until the batter makes contact to leave their base. However, when it comes to the gloves, most fastpitch and slowpitch gloves are essentially interchangeable.

Is there a difference between infield and outfield gloves in softball?

Infield softball gloves usually range from 11.5-12.5 inches. Outfield gloves are larger than infield gloves to enable more range and reach in the large space being covered. These gloves have a deeper pocket, and usually have an H-web or a Trapeze web.

Is Mizuno a good brand for softball?

Mizuno Prime Elite. The exceptional Mizuno Prime Elite gloves are crafted specifically for the best fastpitch players. They are made from professional leather that is soft and has an amazing feel, one of the best in the game.

What size fastpitch softball glove should I use?

For general guidance, we recommend: 9” to 11.5” for softball players under the age of 8. 10” to 12” for softball players between the ages of 10 and 14. 11.5” to 13” for softball players in high school or beyond.

How do you choose a softball glove?

For proper sizing, measure from the tip of your index finger to the start of your wrist in inches. Your glove should have a snug fit. So, choose a size that currently fits your hand and not one that you think you can grow into.

What is the difference between fastpitch and slow pitch softball gloves?

PITCHER’S GLOVES In slow pitch, there’s only one pitch — under hand and slow. In fastpitch, there’s much more variation, creating a pitcher’s need to hide his finger placement on the ball. Using a mitt with closed webbing is designed to help keep the style of pitch hidden from the batter.

What’s the difference between fastpitch and slow pitch softball?

Fastpitch balls are typically thrown at an upwards angle and can exceed speeds of 50-60 mph. In slowpitch, the ball is thrown without the distinct windmill motion that’s commonly associated with fastpitch. The pitcher steps forward and tosses the ball underarm.

What size glove should a fastpitch pitcher use?

A fastpitch ball is 11 inch, youth pitcher’s gloves usually have a size between 11,5 inch and 12 inch. In the adult rec leagues, the softball is even bigger – about 14 inch- so, these players should go for a glove sized between 12,5 inch and 13 inch.

What size glove do shortstops use?

Glove sizes in the middle infield range from 11 inches to 11 ½ inches. Every now and then you will see an 11 ¾ inch glove at shortstop….

Position Most Common Glove Sizes
Shortstop 11 ¼” – 11 ¾”
Third base 11 ½” – 12”
Outfield 12 ½” – 12 ¾”
Catcher 32 ½” – 35”

What is the softest softball glove?

Best Slowpitch Softball Gloves

  1. Miken Pro Series 13″ Slowpitch Glove. Miken Pro Series 13″ Slowpitch Glove.
  2. Mizuno MVP Prime 12.5″ Slowpitch Softball Glove – 2022 Model. Mizuno MVP Prime 12.5″ Slowpitch Softball Glove – 2022 Model.
  3. Mizuno MVP GMVP1250S2 12.5″ Adult Slowpitch Softball Glove.

What is the easiest softball glove to break in?

Rawlings Liberty Series Fastpitch players love the Liberty series for its exceptional comfort and easy break-in process. The full-grain leather design is nearly ready to play from day one, and extra padding in the palm helps eliminate the sting of hard-hit balls.