What regiments made up the 8th army?

What regiments made up the 8th army?

The Eighth Army was an Allied field army formation of the British Army during the Second World War, fighting in the North African and Italian campaigns.

  • Significant formations which passed through the Army included V Corps, X Corps, XIII Corps, XXX Corps, I Canadian Corps and the II Polish Corps.
  • What units are in 8th army?

    Current organization

    • 2d Infantry Division Combined Division Staff (Joint United States and South Korean Army)
    • Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion.
    • Rotational Armored Brigade Combat Team.
    • 210th Field Artillery Brigade.
    • Combat Aviation Brigade, 2d Infantry Division.
    • 2nd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade.

    How big is the 8th army?

    The Eighth Army’s fighting strength was 230,000, whereas Rommel had fewer than 80,000 infantry, of whom only 27,000 were German. More striking still was a comparison of actual tank strength: when the battle opened, the Eighth Army had a total of 1,440 medium tanks, of which… …

    Why is 8th army called 8th army?

    Subsequently, it earned the nickname “Amphibious Eighth” – alluding to its participation in more than sixty amphibious assaults during World War II. While combat operations were still on-going in the Philippines, Eighth Army simultaneously began preparations for Operation Downfall – the invasion of Japan.

    What regiments make Desert Rats?

    Armoured Regiments.

  • Infantry.
  • Artillery Regiments, (including Anti-Tank and Anti-Aircraft)
  • Royal Engineers & Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
  • RASC & RAOC.
  • Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) & Army Dental Corps (ADC)
  • Other units.
  • What units made up 30 corps?

    Order of Battle

    • Corps Troops: 11th Hussars (armoured cars) 73rd Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. 27th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, RA. 4th (Durham) Survey Regiment, RA.
    • 5th Army Group, RA. 4th Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery. 7th Medium Regiment, RA. 64th (London) Medium Regiment, RA. 84th (Sussex) Medium Regiment, RA.

    Who is the 8th army CSM?

    Command Sergeant Major, Eighth Army. Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Robert H. Cobb enlisted in the U.S. Army in June 1993. He attended one station unit training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, earning a certification as a light wheel vehicle mechanic.

    Who does 8th army fall under?

    The 501st MI Brigade is subordinate to the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command and provides intelligence and security support to headquarters, Eighth Army. The brigade’s mission is to provide combat information and multi-discipline intelligence to joint and combined warfighters.

    When was 8th army created?

    The Eight U.S. Army was officially activated June 10, 1944 in Memphis, Tennessee, with a staff drawn almost entirely from Second Army personnel. Earlier, on April 15, 1944, an army headquarters designated Eighth U.S. Army had been formed under Lt. Gen.

    Who was known as the Desert Rats?

    Desert rats (act. 1938–1945), was the nickname given to the personnel of the 7th armoured division, which fought throughout the Second World War in many of the British army’s most famous campaigns.

    Who are the Desert Rats?

    Desert Rats, byname of the 7th Armoured Division, group of British soldiers who helped defeat the Germans in North Africa during World War II. The Desert Rats, led by Gen. Allen Francis Harding, were especially noted for a hard-fought three-month campaign against the more-experienced German Afrika Korps, led by Gen.

    What regiments made up the 7th Armoured Division?

    It was formed from the Cairo Cavalry Brigade and comprised four armoured regiments (the 7th Queen’s Own Hussars, the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, the 11th Hussars and the 1st Royal Tank Regiment) and supported by the 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, a company of the Royal Army Service Corps and a Field Ambulance …