What percentage of US physicians are female?

What percentage of US physicians are female?

Percentage of physicians in select specialties in the U.S. who were women as of 2020

Characteristic Percentage of women
Family Medicine 43%
Psychiatry 43%
Pathology 40%
Internal Medicine 36%

What is the ratio of male to female doctors in the US?

A little more than 1 million professionally active physicians are currently practicing in the U.S., 359,409 of whom are female. This translates to a gender ratio of 1.8 male physicians to 1 female physician.

What is the percentage of male to female doctors?

In the medical profession overall, male doctors still outnumber female doctors, 64 percent to 36 percent, according to 2019 data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. But that may be changing, according to a report from the health-care company AthenaHealth.

What percent of med students are female?

During the 2019–2020 application cycle—the most recent year for which data is publicly available—more than 53.5% of applications to MD-granting medical schools came from women, who made up 53.7% of the number of students matriculating.

What percentage of physician assistants are male?

Physician Assistant Statistics By Gender

Gender Percentages
Female 62.3%
Male 32.8%
Unknown 4.9%

What country has the most female doctors?

Labor > Female doctors: Countries Compared

1 Finland 50.7%
2 Sweden 39.2%
3 Norway 37.2%
4 Germany 37.1%

Are there more female physicians than male?

The number of male physicians outnumber female physicians in the U.S. in most specialties. The only major exceptions are found in pediatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, although female physicians do slightly outnumber males in a few other specialties.

Are most PA students Single?

→ Pucker up baby, most PA students are single! Most students (85.1%) have no legal dependents. For the nearly 15% of students that reported having legal dependents other than themselves, the average number of dependents was 2.02, with a range of 1 to 7 dependents.

What percentage of PAs are black?

The 2019 NCCPA Statistical Report of Certified PA’s in the US reports that within the PA profession, diversity lags behind that of the US, with 6.6% Latinx, 3.6% Black or African American, 0.4% American Indian/Alaska Native and 0.3% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander [2, 7, 9].

Which country has fewest female doctors?

Japan and Korea are the lowest two countries (21% and 22% of female physicians to total, respectively), and are both in East Asia, which have distinct cultural and religious aspects to European countries included in our study.

What percent of doctors are female in India?

There is a grave deficiency of female doctors in India. According to a paper titled “Human Resources for Health in India”, only 17 percent of all allopathic doctors and six percent of those in rural areas are women.