What order should I play the Resident Evil 6 campaigns in?

What order should I play the Resident Evil 6 campaigns in?

Here’s the best advice we can give for going through the campaigns in their narrative order:

  1. Start with Jake’s first two chapters.
  2. Then play two chapters of Leon.
  3. Play Chris’ first two, next, which will bounce you around a bit but…
  4. You’ll then be at the moments when the three main campaigns begin to intersect a lot.

Which campaign is best in Resident Evil 6?


  • Chris – It has the best plot and characters.
  • Leon – The first chapter is the best of the entire game, but the campaign after chapter 3 is awfull.
  • Ada – The shortest, but it still had interesting situations with stealth.
  • Jake – Easily the worst campaign.

What are the different campaigns in Resident Evil 6?

Resident Evil 6 basically breaks down into three separate but overlapping campaigns: one follows Leon Kennedy and his new partner, Helena Harper; one follows Albert Wesker’s son Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, who was first playable as a little girl in Resident Evil 2; and the last follows BSAA captain Chris Redfield …

Is Resident Evil 6 hard?

Resident Evil 6 is one of those rare, almost unplayable games, with a control system that makes you want to beat your head against the wall. That’s actually what you’re supposed to do to the zombies, but good luck figuring out how. “This is a nightmare,” says Helena, one of the protagonists of Resident Evil 6.

How old is Leon in re6?

Kennedy (Age: 21, Height: 5’10 », Birth year: 1977) Leon is arguably the most beloved of the main characters in the RE franchise, and it’s not hard to see why (it’s obviously the hair)….How old is Leon in re6?

Leon S. Kennedy
Weapons: Heckler & Koch VP70 Beretta 92F Custom ‘Samurai Edge’ AKMSU

How long does re6 take to beat?

With 20 chapters to play through in the campaign, either solo or in cooperative mode, Resident Evil 6 is a really long experience. On average, each chapter took 60 minutes or more to complete, with my total run time being 23 hours.

Should I sell crystal dimitrescu?

What happens if I sell crystal dimitrescu? The valuable label gives away the sole purpose of Crystal Skulls and Torsos, letting you know that all you can do with them is sell them to the Duke for Lei. You can’t give them to anyone to unlock a new area, or offer them to trade.

Is Re village hard?

Village of Shadows difficulty is the absolute hardest difficulty in the game, and is similar to Resident Evil 7’s Madhouse difficulty by spreading checkpoints further apart, introducing enemies found later in the story much earlier, increasing the number of enemies in each area, and greatly increasing the health of all …

How does infinite ammo work in re6?

With Infinite Ammo, the player’s character will never run out of ammo no matter how many times they shoot. It does not grant bottomless magazine so players will still need to reload their weapons after emptying their magazine.