What movie is dig a little deeper from?

What movie is dig a little deeper from?

The Princess and the FrogDig a Little Deeper / Movie

What was the meaning of dig a little deeper?

Dig a little deeper is one of the songs in the Disney movie “Princess and The Frog”. The song is sung by Mama Odie. The song is about looking inside yourself to see who you really are. The song starts when Tiana, Naveen, Louis, and Ray go to Mama Odie’s hut.

Who wrote dig a little deeper?

Randy NewmanDig a Little Deeper / LyricistRandall Stuart Newman is an American singer-songwriter, arranger, composer, and pianist known for his Southern-accented singing style, early Americana-influenced soul songs, and various film scores. Wikipedia

What is burning when Tiana and the prince come to visit Mama Odie?

In Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Mama Odie is briefly mentioned by Tiana in the game. Mama Odie is mentioned during Tiana’s stage in Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure. Here, Tiana was given a magic gumbo pot by Mama Odie, and the game’s player used her own magic to see what powers the gumbo pot held.

Is Princess and the Frog A fairy tale?

The Frog Princess novel was originally based on a Brothers Grimm fairytale called The Frog Prince. In that story, a princess loses a golden ball down a well, and the Frog Prince retrieves it for her under the proviso that she will take him with her to the palace and be his friend.

Who is the villain in the frog prince?

Dr. Facilier
Voice actor. Dr. Facilier, also known as the Shadow Man, is the main antagonist of Disney’s 2009 feature film The Princess and the Frog. He is an evil bokor (witch doctor) who plans to rule New Orleans with help from his “friends on the other side”.

What is another word for dig deeper?

What is another word for dig deeper?

delve deeper probe deeper
examine more carefully explore further
investigate further

Who sang dig a little deeper?

Jenifer LewisDig a Little Deeper / Artist

What genre of music is dig a little deeper?

Jazz, zydeco, blues, gospel and more make for an unforgettable musical experience the entire family will enjoy. The songbook also features fantastic full-color art from the film!

What is facilier’s first name?

He is not actually dragged into Hell as Loa are not demons nor do they believe in Hell like the Christian concept. Facilier was originally named Dr. Duvalier after Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, the Voodoo practicing genocidal dictator of Haiti.

Who is Mama Odie based on?

The Mama Odie character was inspired and patterned after the late, famed New Orleans storyteller, Coleen Salley, even down to the character’s voice. Coleen consulted with the director several times, but never lived to see the completed movie. Her name is mentioned in the films credits.

Is Prince Naveen black?

Prince Naveen hails from the fictional land of Maldonia and is voiced by a Brazilian actor; Disney says that he is not white. “Disney obviously doesn’t think a black man is worthy of the title of prince,” Angela Bronner Helm wrote March 19 on the site. “His hair and features are decidedly non-black.