What kind of motor does a Stingray boat have?

What kind of motor does a Stingray boat have?

4-cycle engines
Stingray uses 4-cycle engines for power, which can be four to ten times cleaner than 2-cycle outboards, not to mention being more fuel-efficient. Better fuel efficiency translates into less fuel consumption but more importantly, less carbon monoxide emission into the air.

How fast can a stingray boat go?

STINGRAY 180 with 135hp 3.0L MERCRUISER/ALPHA 1 Performance Results
Stock* Torque Shift Prop**
Top Speed 47.7 50.0
Acceleration (0-30 mph) 9.9 sec 7.0 sec
*23-inch MerCruiser 3-blade aluminum prop **No. 144-132, adjusted to 23-inch pitch at maximum

How much does an 18 foot Stingray weigh?

2155 lbs.
LOA: 18′ 5” Weight (w/ 3.0L 135hp): 2155 lbs.

How long is a Stingray 185?

Our 185L bowrider is like a Swiss Army Knife; it’s compact but packed full of features seldom seen in a package this size….Compare.

Base price $20,751 (USD)
Dimensions / Weight
Length overall 5.6 m (18′4″)
Beam 2.2 m (7′1″)

Where are Stingray boats built?

Hartsville, South Carolina
Hartsville, South Carolina is home to Stingray Boats, one of the leading independent boat builders in the nation. With over 225,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Stingray boasts of one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the country.

Are Stingray Boats good in rough water?

Not a good rough water boat at all. They are light, and the layup is thin. The hulls flex a lot; too much… Stingray’s manufacturing is very consistent, but they build to a design that is far from optimal for rough conditions, and I’m talking freshwater conditions.”

What is AZ plane hull?

Z-planes act as horizontal planing faces when submerged, and when very near the water’s surface the outside edge of the Z-plane acts as a spray release. This revolutionary design passes through the water with no bubbles or vortices formed by the hull shape.

Are Stingray Boats wood free?

Both Bayliner and Stingray use a wood grid encapsulated in fiberglass. Nitro, Rinker, and Glastron have a fiberglass grid system.

Is Stingray a good boat brand?

Stingray Boats are generally characterized as a volume-tier brand, which means low to mid-tier pricing. They are universally considered fast boats and a rougher ride in large waves and can lead to some durability problems. They are built with precision, and the company is great with customers.

Are Stingray boats all fiberglass?

Stingray’s thorough lamination process combines robotics and skilled craftsmanship. Starting with precision molds, our quality construction consists of top quality materials including hand laid fiberglass with Klegecel and Coremat cores, for a high strength to weight ratio.

Is Stingray a quality boat?

It’s the company’s first crossover fishing boat aimed at the premium boat market—and it’s still comfortably priced, keeping within Stingray’s outstanding reputation for delivering quality and fun in family boats with an eye on value.