What kind of brush do you use to wax Chalk Paint?

What kind of brush do you use to wax Chalk Paint?

Best Brush for Chalk Paint & Wax It’s best to use a natural bristle brush (often labeled as “pure bristle”) to apply Annie Sloan Chalk Paint instead of your more typical synthetic brush usually used for painting walls.

Can I use Annie Sloan paint brush for wax?

Annie Sloan Oval Paint Brushes; Large, Medium & Small These type of brushes have always been my favourite as they allow you paint expressively as the bristle is strong and firm but pliable. They can also be used for applying wax.” – Annie Sloan.

Can I use a regular paint brush for Chalk Paint wax?

Special chalk paint brushes can be found, but a regular all-purpose paint brush will usually work just as well.

How do you apply Annie Sloan wax?

Using a brush or lint-free cloth, you want to sweep Chalk Paint® Wax over your paintwork. Smoothing it over almost like applying hand cream and wiping off excess as you go. The Wax will be touch dry within a few hours and slowly harden over time, becoming stronger as it cures.

What do you use a wax brush for?

Wax brushes are special rounded brushes used when you’re finishing or restoring wood furniture and decor. Typically made with natural bristles, these handy brushes reach into cracks and crevices to coat both wide and tight areas alike with your medium, providing even coverage that helps seal and preserve your piece.

Can I apply Annie Sloan wax with a rag?

A little really does go a long way. Rag Application: Another option is to apply your wax with a soft cotton rag. A rag is an effective tool for getting to those small or tight areas that your wax brush cannot get into like the spindles of this chair.

How many coats of Annie Sloan wax do you need?

Annie Sloan Soft Wax, once cured, provides a durable finish that is easy to maintain. After painting, apply two or three coats of wax, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next, to get the extra durability you need.

How does chalk paint prevent brush strokes?

how to avoid brush strokes

  1. Thin any super thick paint by adding water and mixing well.
  2. Keep the brush damp when painting by misting it with water before dipping it in the paint.
  3. When painting furniture, go with thin coats of chalk paint.
  4. Spritz the furniture with water before painting.

Can you use same brush for paint and wax?

I use a plain inexpensive dollar store chip brush and a clean soft rag for ALL my furniture waxing. A cheap brush or rag will apply your wax beautifully, get into all the nooks and crannies of the furniture, and will give you the EXACT same finish as a ‘fancy’ waxing brush!

Do you buff between coats of Annie Sloan wax?

After you have wiped off the wax, you can go back in and actually buff in the wax. This will create a more shiny appearance. This can also help avoid the blotchy look that sometimes happens if you have applied the wax unevenly. Apply the wax in thin coats.