What is Zuo Shi in English?

What is Zuo Shi in English?

zuò shì to work to handle matters to have a job. Example Usage Strokes.

What does Chuan Qi mean?

Chuanqi (“strange tale”, “legend”, or “romance”, depending on context) may refer to two related but distinct forms of Chinese fiction: Chuanqi (short story), a genre of Chinese fiction usually associated with the Tang dynasty (618–907); the stories tend to be short.

What does Xiao Qi means?

xiǎo qì stingy petty miserly narrow-minded.

What does Zheng Qi mean?

zhèng qì healthy environment healthy atmosphere righteousness vital energy (in Chinese medicine)

What does Yanyuan mean in Mandarin?

The region has long been a source of salt for the Chinese and the name Yanyuan (盐源) literally means “Salt source”.

Where is Chuan Qi?

Highly subject to regional variations in language and music, chuanqi became popular throughout southern China.

What is ZAJU drama?

The zaju, or variety play, was distinguished from the nanxi, or Southern drama (and later the chuanqi), by a more rigid form. In the zaju, singing was restricted to a single character in each play, and each act had a single and distinct rhyme and musical mode. Melodies were those of the Beijing region.

What is Xiao Bu Dian?

小不點 xiǎo bu diǎn. tiny very small tiny thing small child baby. Example Usage Strokes.

What is the meaning of Fang Leng?

leng fang : cooling, air co… : lěng fáng | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

How many types of qi are there?

There are three kinds of qi, known as heaven qi (tian qi 天气), Earth qi (di qi 地气), and human qi (ren qi 人气).

What is Yin qi?

Yin is that portion of qi that is cold, passive, solid, heavy, descending, moist and dark; it is the physical or brute side of the universe. Yang is ethereal. It is nebulous, hot, active, dry, rising and aggressive. A chart of different yin-yang relationships.