What is the weight of Mio I 125?

What is the weight of Mio I 125?

The Yamaha Mio i 125 S has a seating height of 750 mm and kerb weight of 94 kg. The Mio i 125 S comes with Disc front brakes and Drum rear brakes.

Is Mio I 125 worth buying?

The Mio i 125 engine has Yamaha’s Blue Core technology to thank for its mileage. This not only gives it better mileage but, also more power. This feat is achieved by optimizing combustion by creating a tumble flow through better valve design and a more compact hemispherical combustion chamber.

What is the size of rear shock of Mio Soul I 125?

motorcycle rear shock for all mio,mio i 125,soul i,beat,fi,scoopy,fino 300mm standard size mutarru | Shopee Philippines.

What is the difference between Mio Soul I 125 and Mio I 125?

Both these scooters are very modern and stylish urban commuters. While the Mio i 125 is the youth-focused affordable option, the Mio Soul 125 is the more mature and premium offering.

How much is Mio I 125 per month?

Price & Installment ( S )

Simple Interest Rate / Year 10.71%
Monthly Installment ₱2,228.593
Total Loan Payment ₱80,229.336
Total First Payment ₱15,180

Is Mio I 125 liquid cooled?

Mio i 125 Features Highlights The M-shaped grab bar’s unique design provides the passenger a more comfortable ride. The air-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC, 2-valve engine generates a maximum power of 7 kW and a maximum torque of 9.6 Nm.

What is the tire size of Mio I 125?


Category Scooter
Wheel Base 1,260 mm
Front Tire 70/90-14
Rear Tire 80/90-14
Seat Height 750 mm

What is Mio I 125s?

Yamaha brings an improved version of the Mio i 125, the Mio i 125s, for the rider that aspires to be better. Slim detail and compact frame, it is conceptualized with an M-Shaped design that is emphasized by a front face and lighting that accentuates the model shape.

How much is Mio 125 in the Philippines?

The Mio i 125 is priced between ₱71,900 and ₱75,900 .

Is Mio Soul I 125 tubeless?

Mio Soul i 125 Tire Combo Front & Rear 80/80-14 & 100/80-14 Euromina Fireking Tubeless Scooter Tires | Shopee Philippines.

Is Mio good for long ride?

Longer rides It’s very maneuverable, so it’s easy to drive over rough roads and gravel, which may be a problem for bigger and heavier motorcycles.

Is Mio a moped?

The Yamaha Mio is a scooter with a CVT transmission made by Yamaha Motor. It was introduced for the Southeast Asia market in 2003 as the successor of the Nouvo. In Malaysia, this model is known as Yamaha Ego….Yamaha Mio.

Yamaha Mio Z
Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Class Scooter