What is the weight of a Ford Transit minibus?

What is the weight of a Ford Transit minibus?

Check the unladen weight figures on your typical Ford Transit 15 minibus and you’ll find it weighs at least 2,440kg. This may allow for the guide figures of 61kg for passengers, but put fourteen adults with hand baggage, rugby kit, or suitcases on board and you’ll quickly exceed your 3,500kg GVW threshold.

What is the weight of a minibus?

c) the minibus has a gross weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes (4.25 tonnes including any specialised equipment for carriage of disabled passengers).

What does a Ford Transit van weigh?

Ford / Transit

Transit 300 2.2 TDCi SWB l/r 130
Gross Payload (Kg) 991
Gross Vehicle Weight (Kg) 2600
Kerb Weight (Kg) 1609
Towing Limit (Kg) 500

Which Ford Transit model is best for conversion?

The bottom line on the Ford Transit There’s not a specific Transit that’s “best” for camper conversion. The Cargo Van is inexpensive and already has a lot of space, the Crew Van and Passenger Van XL are great compromises on price and size, and the Passenger Van XLT is the top of the line.

What is the maximum weight of a minibus?

the maximum weight of the minibus is not more than 3.5 tonnes – or 4.25 tonnes including specialist equipment for disabled passengers, for example a wheelchair ramp.

What weight is a 17 seater Transit minibus?

a standard 17 seat Ford Transit minibus. It would be illegal for a driver with only B entitlement to drive this minibus (4100kg) as the maximum MAM they can drive is 3500kg for a standard minibus. They would need to take and pass a D1 driving test in a minibus to drive this heavy 17 seat Transit.

Is a 9 seater classed as a minibus?

What is the common definition of a minibus? A minibus is commonly classed and will be classed in this website as a vehicle with between 7 to 16 passenger seats.

What weight can I drive on a D1 Licence?

With the D1 driving licence category, you can drive a minibus with no more than 16 passenger seats and a maximum length of 8 metres, once you’ve passed the relevant test. You’ll also be able to tow a trailer up to a maximum weight of 750kg.

How much does a Ford Transit van weigh in tons?

3,500kg (aka 3.5 tonnes or 3.5t) in 350 series models (all Transit DCiVs are 350 series) 4,700kg in 470 series models (RWD L4H3 Transit vans only)

What weight can a Ford Transit tow?

Depending on the model, the trim and the optional extras you choose, the Ford Transit towing capacity varies between 6000lbs and 13,200 pounds. When selecting your tow car you need to consider the maximum weight you will be pulling.