What is the University of Washington logo?

What is the University of Washington logo?

The graphic components of the University signature logo system are: Block W logo, University wordmark and UW color palette. The University Block W logo and the University wordmark must appear in the UW color palette only. They must not be altered in any way.

What font does UW Medicine use?

Using the Encode Sans font, we’ve created a relationship between the typography treatment and the bar that allows type to feel bolder and gives the bar a more active role in layouts.

Why is UW purple?

Our colors tell a story of tradition, distinction and unmatched spirit. Purple evokes passionate pride. It’s the color that stands out as most quintessentially to our University and is therefore the dominant color in our communications.

What is UW Medicine known for?

With a mission to improve the health of the public, UW Medicine educates the next generation of physicians and scientists, leads one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive biomedical research programs, and provides outstanding care to patients from across the globe.

What are UW colors?

University of Washington/Colors

What color is UW purple?

The purple Pantone color of the Washington Huskies can be found below….Color Codes of Washington Huskies as Pantone.

Color Name Pantone Color Code
Purple PMS 2685 C
Gold PMS 7502 C
Metallic Gold PMS 871 C

How big is University of Washington Medical Center?

University of Washington Medical Center This 450-bed hospital is on the University of Washington campus. UW Medical Center provides specialized care to patients and consultations to physicians, locally and from the five-state WWAMI region.

How many beds does University of Washington Medical Center have?

570Emergency Room at UW Medical Center – Montlake | Seattle / Number of beds

Why is UW ranked so high?

With the amount of research (and the quality of said research) that the UW pumps out, it’s no surprise why we’re the highest-ranked public university on Reuter’s 2020 list of World’s Most Innovative Universities.

What is the name of the UW mascot?

Harry the Husky
University of Washington/Mascot

What is the mascot of University of Washington?

What are the UW colors?