What is the structure of ethyl 2 methyl Propanoate?

What is the structure of ethyl 2 methyl Propanoate?

Showing Compound Ethyl 2-methylpropanoate (FDB003278)

Record Information
Chemical Formula C6H12O2
IUPAC name ethyl 2-methylpropanoate
InChI Identifier InChI=1S/C6H12O2/c1-4-8-6(7)5(2)3/h5H,4H2,1-3H3

What is the properties of ethyl Propanoate?

Ethyl propionate appears as a clear colorless liquid with a pineapple-like odor. Flash point 54°F. Less dense than water and insoluble in water. Vapors are heavier than air.

Is ethyl Isobutyrate an ester?

Ethyl isobutyrate is a fatty acid methyl ester obtained by the formal condensation of isobutyric acid with ethanol. It has a role as a metabolite. It derives from an isobutyric acid.

Is methyl a Propanoate?

Methyl propionate, also known as methyl propanoate, is the organic compound with the molecular formula CH3CH2CO2CH3. It is a colorless liquid with a fruity, rum-like odor.

Is isopropyl Propanoate soluble in water?

Structure for FDB001363 (Isopropyl propionate)

Property Value Source
Water Solubility 13 g/L ALOGPS
logP 1.73 ALOGPS
logP 1.4 ChemAxon
logS -0.95 ALOGPS

What does an ethyl group look like?

In chemistry, an ethyl group is an alkyl substituent derived from ethane (C2H6). It has the formula –CH2CH3 and is very often abbreviated Et.

Is ethyl Propanoate soluble in water?

These are carboxylic acid derivatives in which the carbon atom from the carbonyl group is attached to an alkyl or an aryl moiety through an oxygen atom (forming an ester group). Ethyl propionate is a very hydrophobic molecule, practically insoluble (in water), and relatively neutral.

What does propyl Propanoate smell like?

fruity odor
Like most esters, propyl propanoate is a colorless liquid with a fruity odor. The scent of propyl propionate is described as a chemically tinged pineapple or pear.

What is the boiling point of methyl propanoate?

175.6°F (79.8°C)Methyl propionate / Boiling point

Is methyl propanoate miscible in water?

They have the general structure RC(=O)OR’, where R=H or organyl group and R’=methyl group. Methyl propionate is an apple, fresh, and fruity tasting compound….3D Structure for HMDB0030062 (Methyl propionate)

Property Value Reference
Water Solubility 62.4 mg/mL at 25 °C Not Available
LogP 0.84 Not Available

What is ethyl Propanoate formed from?

Ethyl propionate can be synthesized by the Fischer esterification of ethanol and propionic acid: CH3CH2OH + CH3CH2CO2H → CH3CH2O2CCH2CH3 + H2O. It participates in condensation reactions by virtue of the weakly acidic methylene group.

Is isopropyl Propanoate an ester?

Isopropyl propionate is an isopropyl ester. It derives from a propionic acid.