What is the story behind the Wichita Lineman?

What is the story behind the Wichita Lineman?

He called the song “Wichita Lineman.” The song became famous. It was a big hit for singer Glen Campbell. Later Jimmy said, “This song is not just about a lineman. It is about anyone who can think about other things while they work—a truck driver, for example, or a farmworker.

Who originally sang Wichita Lineman?

Glen Campbell
The Library’s National Recording Registry includes 1968’s “Wichita Lineman,” written by Jimmy Webb and first recorded by Glen Campbell. Kent Hartman, whose 2013 book “The Wrecking Crew” detailed the L.A. music scene that produced Campbell, wrote this essay for the Now See Hear!

Who played the guitar solo on Wichita Lineman?

The musicians on the recording included Campbell, Al Casey and James Burton (guitar), Carol Kaye (guitar/bass), Don Bagley (bass), Jim Gordon (drums) and Al De Lory (piano). The orchestral arrangements were by De Lory, with the descending six-note intro added by bassist Carol Kaye.

When did Wichita Lineman come out?

1968Wichita Lineman / Released

What is lineman mean?

Definition of lineman 1 : one who sets up or repairs electric wire communication or power lines. — called also linesman.

Can Glen Campbell read music?

Question: Could Glen Campbell read music? Answer: No. Glen never learned how to read music, and yet his guitar and music instrument playing skills were exceptional.

Who arranged Wichita Lineman?

Released in 1968, and written by Jimmy Webb, it was the first top 10 single for country singer Glen Campbell, who died on Monday, aged 81. Like many of his fans, Campbell’s reaction to the song was immediate and tender. “When I heard it I cried,” he told BBC Radio 4 in 2011.

Who covers Wichita Lineman?


Title Performer Release date
Wichita Lineman Glen Campbell October 1968
Wichita Lineman Bobby Sims 1968
Wichita Lineman Eddy Arnold January 1969
Wichita Lineman Ray Conniff and The Singers February 1969

What is the meaning of Wichita?

/ ˈwɪtʃ ɪˌtɔ / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun, plural Wich·i·tas for 1. a member of a tribe of North American Indians, originally of Kansas but relocated in Oklahoma after the Civil War. the Caddoan language of the Wichita. a city in S Kansas, on the Arkansas River.