What is the price of Dell 24 inch monitor?

What is the price of Dell 24 inch monitor?

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This item Dell P Series 24-inch (60.96 cm) Screen Full HD (1080p) LED-Lit Monitor with IPS Panel – P2419H (Black)
Customer Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (6540)
Price From ₹90,712.98
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Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080

How much does a Dell monitor cost?

Dell Computer Monitors Price in India

Best Dell Computer Monitors Models Price
Dell E2219HN 22 Inch LED Monitor ₹12500
Dell Alienware (AW2518HF) 25 Inch Gaming Monitor ₹47500
Dell (P2018H) 20 Inch Full HD Monitor ₹12710
Dell U2414H 23.8 Inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor ₹23890

Which brand monitor is best in Bangladesh?


  • BenQ.
  • Corsair.
  • AOC.
  • Esonic.
  • Lenovo.
  • GameMax.
  • Curved Monitor.
  • Which is the best 24 inch monitor in India?

    REVIEWS: 7 best 24-inch monitors in India 2021

    • Dell U2415. 24-inch monitor overall for MacBook Pro. 24″ IPS display. 1200p resolution with 16:10 ratio.
    • LG 24MP59G. 24 inch IPS monitor for photo-editing. 24 inch Full HD IPS display.
    • BenQ Zowie. 24 inch 144Hz monitor for gaming & Esports. 24 inch TN display.

    Is a 1080p/24 monitor good?

    1080p monitors are best for monitors that are within 24 inches or smaller, this is mainly because of the pixel-per-inch.

    Which Dell Series monitor is best?

    Best Dell monitors available now

    1. Dell P2720D. The best Dell monitor overall.
    2. Dell SE2416HX. The best cheap Dell monitor.
    3. Dell U4021QW. The best Dell monitor for a home office.
    4. Dell U2720Q. The best 4K Dell monitor.
    5. Dell S3221QS. The best cheap Dell monitor for a curved 4K display.
    6. Dell Alienware AW2521H.

    What is the price of monitor?

    Computer Monitors Price in India

    Best Computer Monitors Models Price
    HP 24ES (T3M78AA) 23.8-inch LED Monitor ₹16899
    HP 19KA 18.5 inch LED Monitor ₹9999
    Micromax (MM215FH76) 21.5 Inch LED Monitor ₹8434
    LG 25UM58-P 25-Inch Ultrawide Full HD IPS LED Monitor ₹14500

    Which is best Dell monitor?

    What is the price of a monitor in Bangladesh?

    Monitor Price List in Bangladesh 2022

    Monitor List Price in BD
    Dell E1916HV 18.5 Inch LED VGA Monitor 9800
    HP 24f 24 Inch Anti-glare IPS LED FHD VGA HDMI Monitor 21800
    LG 19M38A 18.5 Inch LED Backlight Monitor (VGA Port) 8900
    LG 22MK430H-B 21.5 Inch Class Full HD IPS LED Monitor with AMD FreeSync 13900

    What is the minimum price of a monitor?

    Which monitor is best for PC?

    The Best Computer Monitors You Can Buy Today

    1. Samsung Odyssey G7 32-Inch. Best Computer Monitor Overall.
    2. Dell S3220DGF. Best Computer Monitor for Gaming.
    3. LG 27GN950-B. Best Computer Monitor for 4K Gaming.
    4. MSI Oculux NXG253R.
    5. Samsung UR59C.
    6. Aorus FO48U 4K OLED.
    7. Asus ProArt PA32UCG.
    8. Lenovo ThinkVision M14.