What is the port number for JobTracker?

What is the port number for JobTracker?

2. MapReduce Ports

Service Servers Default Ports Used
JobTracker WebUI Master Nodes (JobTracker Node and any back-up JobTracker node ) 50030
JobTracker Master Nodes (JobTracker Node) 8021
TaskTracker Web UI and Shuffle All Slave Nodes 50060
History Server WebUI 51111

What is JobTracker in Hadoop?

The JobTracker is the service within Hadoop that farms out MapReduce tasks to specific nodes in the cluster, ideally the nodes that have the data, or at least are in the same rack. Client applications submit jobs to the Job tracker. The JobTracker talks to the NameNode to determine the location of the data.

What ports does Hadoop use?

Default HTTP port is 9870. Default HTTP port is 8088. Default HTTP port is 19888.

How many JobTracker daemons are present in a Hadoop cluster?

JobTracker – Manages MapReduce jobs, distributes individual tasks to machines running the Task Tracker. Following 2 Daemons run on each Slave nodes DataNode – Stores actual HDFS data blocks. TaskTracker – Responsible for instantiating and monitoring individual Map and Reduce tasks.

What are the port numbers for NameNode Tasktracker and Jobtracker?

The port number for Namenode is ‘50070′, for job tracker is ‘50030′ and for task tracker is ‘50060′.

What are the default port numbers on which node job tracker and task tracker run Hadoop?

50070 is the default UI port for namenode . while 8020/9000 is the Inter Process Communicator port (IPC) for namenode.

What is meant by input splitting?

Input Split is logical split of your data, basically used during data processing in MapReduce program or other processing techniques. Input Split size is user defined value and Hadoop Developer can choose split size based on the size of data(How much data you are processing).

What is difference between JobTracker and TaskTracker?

JobTracker receives the requests for MapReduce execution from the client. JobTracker talks to the NameNode to determine the location of the data. JobTracker finds the best TaskTracker nodes to execute tasks based on the data locality (proximity of the data) and the available slots to execute a task on a given node.

What is the role of JobTracker and TaskTracker in Hadoop?

JobTracker is a master which creates and runs the job. JobTracker which can run on the NameNode allocates the job to tasktrackers. It is tracking resource availability and task life cycle management, tracking its progress, fault tolerance etc. TaskTracker run the tasks and report the status of task to JobTracker.

What sorts of actions does the JobTracker process perform?

What sorts of actions does the job tracker process perform?

  • Client applications send the job tracker jobs.
  • Job tracker determines the location of data by communicating with Namenode.
  • Job tracker finds nodes in task tracker that has open slots for the data.
  • Job tracker submits the job to task tracker nodes.

What is the default port of HTTP resource manager in Hadoop 2?

Default HTTP port is 8088.

What is the WebHDFS port?

WebHDFS port number -P (-PORT) This is the port on which Name Node listens for WebHDFS HTTP requests. This port is typically 5870 or 50070, depending upon Hadoop distributions.