What is the name of the song Alan Jackson wrote for his daughter?

What is the name of the song Alan Jackson wrote for his daughter?

“Racing the Dark” marks the first songwriting collaboration by Jackson and his oldest daughter, but she – and her sisters – have been the inspiration behind several of his songs.

Who Sings Like Red on a Rose?

Alan JacksonLike Red on a Rose / ArtistAlan Eugene Jackson is an American singer and songwriter. He is known for blending traditional honky-tonk and mainstream country pop sounds, as well as penning many of his own songs. Jackson has recorded 16 studio albums, three greatest-hits albums, two Christmas albums, and two gospel albums. Wikipedia

What song did Alan Jackson wrote for his daughter’s wedding?

“You’ll Always Be My Baby (Written for Daughters’ Weddings)” is one of 15 songs Jackson wrote for his 21-track album Where Have You Gone.

What happened to Alan Jackson’s daughter’s husband?

Alan Jackson’s Daughter, Mattie, Details Accident That Caused Her Husband’s Death. Nearly two years ago, Alan Jackson’s son-in-law Ben Selecman died after suffering severe head injuries when he fell while helping a woman onto a boat.

Who wrote Like Red on a Rose?

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s)
1. “Anywhere on Earth You Are” Tim Krekel, Danny O’Keefe
2. “Good Imitation of the Blues” Patrick Brayer
3. “Like Red on a Rose” Robert Lee Castleman, Melanie Castleman
4. “Nobody Said That It Would Be Easy” R. Castleman, M. Castleman

What year did Alan Jackson make his gospel album?

Precious Memories is the thirteenth studio album and the first gospel album by American country music artist Alan Jackson. It was released on February 28, 2006 on the Arista Nashville label.

Who plays piano for Alan Jackson?

Doug Brewin
The man behind Legend’s Alan Jackson, is a humble soul named Doug Brewin. Like most high caliber musicians, Brewin got his start early in life. Starting out on piano, Doug also received training on drums, trombone, and the guitar.