What is the issue of Tzuyu?

What is the issue of Tzuyu?

A young Taiwanese member, Chou Tzuyu, of the K-pop girl band TWICE apologized for waving a Republic of China’s flag on a Korean TV show in an apology video released on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

What happened Tzuyu 2016?

In 2016, Tzuyu passed an exam at Tainan Municipal Fusing Junior High School to certify her middle school education. She attended high school at Hanlim Multi Art School in South Korea and graduated in February 2019.

Is Tzuyu allowed in China?

She was caught in the crossfire between deep green separatists and deep red unificationists. She apologized under the reinforcement of her agency. But her agency is now semi-banned in China.

Why did Tzuyu apologize Twice?

She had to apologise for expressing her Taiwanese identity and for showing her “nation’s” flag.

Why did JYP make Tzuyu apologize?

JYP Entertainment represents 16-year-old Taiwanese pop star Chou Tzuyu, who recently made a video apologising for waving a Taiwanese flag on S Korean TV. The company denied coercing her into saying sorry to appease angered Chinese audiences, a key market for JYP.

When did twice officially debuted?

2015TWICE / Active from

Twice was formed under the television program Sixteen (2015) and debuted on October 20, 2015, with the extended play (EP) The Story Begins.

Did Tzuyu go to college?

Hanlim Arts High School2016–2019
Tainan Municipal Fusing Junior High SchoolSeoul Overseas Chinese High School

How old is Tzuyu?

22 years (June 14, 1999)Tzuyu / Age

Why did Tzuyu apologize to Chinese?

A 16-year-old pop star was forced to apologize to China for waving Taiwan’s flag. Yes, that flag. Published January 16, 2016 Last updated January 20, 2016 This article is more than 2 years old. Chou Tzu-yu is a Taiwanese singer in the nine-girl Korean pop band Twice.

How long after Sixteen did TWICE debut?

However, the debut was cancelled when 6MIX lost two of its members, and JYP Entertainment had a difficult time finding replacements. The cancelled debut is what led Nayeon to compete in Sixteen and eventually become a member of TWICE after five years as a trainee.

Who is TWICE maknae line?

Tzuyu (Full Name: Chou Tzuyu), 20 Born in Taiwan, Tzuyu is Twice’s “maknae”—a term used for the youngest member in K-pop groups—and was only 16 at the time of the group’s debut.