What is the fast fill valve on a boiler for?

What is the fast fill valve on a boiler for?

DESCRIPTION: The Boiler Feed Valves are adjustable pressure reducing valves that automatically maintain system pressure. They are equipped with a FAST FILL lever that can be used to override automatic pressure regulation during purging.

How do you adjust a boiler autofill valve?

The lock nut can be loosened if you remove the fast fill lever cap. Slowly turn the adjusting screw clockwise until the system gauge shows the pressure required. The adjusting screw has to be turned counterclockwise to lower the pressure.

How does a boiler water feed valve work?

The water feed valve adds water to the boiler when needed: If water pressure in the heating boiler drops below 12 psi, the water feeder valve will add makeup water to the system automatically, until it reaches 12 psi inside the boiler.

What position should valves be on boiler?

Keeping your hand on the valve, you will hear the water entering the boiler. Watching the pressure gauge, you will see the black needle rising. Ideally the pressure should be 1.5 bar, or the needle should be at the 10 o’clock position.

Does my boiler need a pressure reducing valve?

Without a pressure relief valve (PRV), your boiler would frequently over pressurise and this could cause it to shut down or present a fault code on the screen. The PRV helps to control the pressure within your boiler, ensuring that the level doesn’t become too high.

What is an auto fill valve?

Auto Fill Valve is perfect for both permanent and temporary installations. Works with most skimmers and other pond equipment to allow water to automatically fill in the skimmer vault. For all ponds.

What is a feeder valve?

Feed water control valves are one of the most important control components of the water-steam circuit. The valve controls the supply of feed water to the boiler. The valve’s requirements are high. The pressure drop across the valve should be minimized, but still give a l good control characteristic.

What is the red tap on a boiler?

The red tap is a gate valve being used as a isolation valve on the cold supply and the yellow is the gas isolation tap.