What is the difference between an Administrative Assistant and a senior Administrative Assistant?

What is the difference between an Administrative Assistant and a senior Administrative Assistant?

In some organizations, you may find a role such as “Administrative Assistant 3” or “Senior Administrative Assistant”. Higher level assistants usually enjoy a higher degree of responsibility and perform more sophisticated and complex administrative tasks.

What do most administrative assistants make?

Administrative Assistants made a median salary of $38,850 in 2020.

Where do administrative assistants make the most money?

Detailed List Of Administrative Assistant Salaries By State

Rank State Adjusted Salary
1 Michigan $38,955
2 Minnesota $38,819
3 Wyoming $38,627
4 Washington $38,621

What is the highest level in Administrative Assistant?

What is the highest position in administration?

  • Office Manager.
  • Executive Assistant.
  • Senior Executive Assistant.
  • Senior Personal Assistant.
  • Chief Administrative Officer.
  • Director of Administration.
  • Director of Administrative Services.
  • Chief Operating Officer.

What is the work of senior assistant?

Assist senior managers and executives with their daily organizational tasks. Arrange meetings and attend them to take detailed minutes. Perform travel arrangements and reservations for senior managers. Manage phone calls٫ schedule appointments and organize calendars.

What is a senior assistant?

The Senior Administrative Assistant is responsible for scheduling both personal and professional tasks that the executive needs to complete. This involves organizing tasks by level of urgency, taking calls and communicating via email.

Do administrative assistants do accounting?

As an accounting administrative assistant, your duties are to help process documents and manage accounts. In this role, you may perform various tasks related to billing and payroll, support vendor relations, reconcile accounting statements, answer telephones, file paperwork, and scan documents.

What is the highest paying office job?

Highest paid office jobs

  1. Air traffic controller. National Average Salary: $46,458 per year.
  2. Certified professional coder (CPC)
  3. Human resources (HR) benefits coordinator/specialist.
  4. Call center manager.
  5. Public relations (PR) manager.
  6. Facilities manager.
  7. Marketing manager.
  8. Petroleum engineer.

Is administration a good career?

Administration is a role that can give a lifetime of value and job satisfaction. Thankfully now it is also a role that can bring economic certainty and higher earning potential. Experience and formal qualifications are the keys to long-term career success in your chosen administration pathway.

What is the next level after administrative assistant?

Detailed Ranking of the Most Common Jobs of Former ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS

Rank Job Title %
1 Customer Service Representative 3.01%
2 Office Manager 2.61%
3 Executive Assistant 1.87%
4 Sales Associate 1.46%

What is a better title than administrative assistant?

Chief Image Officer (Assistant in charge of making their Exec’s image look great) Executive Sherpa (Assistant) Indentured Rockstar (Assistant) Lead Enabler (Assistant) Manager of Codependence (Assistant)